Cool Boy - A Romantic Love Story

- One thing I don't understand is why he runs when he sees me. - Who are you talking about? - 

Talk about calm. - Oh! There must be a reason. - What could be the reason? He gave 5 letters while he was in class five. I showed him his letters to Sir that day after eating Sir Kelani. - You're a bigger idiot. You are talking about a fool's egg. 

- You don't understand. If you understood, you could not be found today. - I don't understand why you feel so bad when you say something to Shant? - Why should I have it again? That's what I was saying. - It's too late. I'm leaving. - All right. I went too. - How are you? - Nothing. - So why are you running? 

- He's in front of me ..... - Who's in front? Are you afraid of anything? - Why don't I tell you? Go to your own cum. A calm. The name has been said before. The boy is a kind of fool from a young age. Don't talk to anyone without need. 

The other name is Meghla. He gave a love letter to Meghla once. Meghla showed it to the teacher in anger that day. The teacher hit him over the boundary that day. In the end, Meghla also threatened to see Shant later. From then on, he fled when he saw Meghla. Although Meghla is angry for some time, seeing Shantar running away, the anger subsides and there comes a time when Shanta likes him. 

I can't say even if I like it. Because Shant breaks up as soon as he sees her. Day after day, he finds the fool Shant. And when he sees Meghla, Shant runs away and loses somewhere. I will not give less time to say these things now. I will try now how the story goes. The two have grown up enough now. 

It is time to get married tomorrow except today. Meanwhile, Meghla was making new fads to bring the foolish Shant to share. Shant was not stepping on any of the fads. Putting his head on the pillow at night, Meghla started thinking how to go in front of Shantar. Many thought that he had never seen a calm cloud while wearing a burqa. So he could not think. 

So the burqa will fall in front of Shantar. That's what you think. The next day Shantar appeared in front of him wearing a burqa. Then ....... - Are you listening? (Meghla) - Who are you talking about? - Why? - Don't come here. - No. - Why? - I'm scared of girls. - I won't do anything. Come here. He looked around calmly. Then he came in front of Meghla wearing a burqa. - Will you deliver me? - Where? - In front. - No. - Why? - It's cloudy there. - Who's cloudy?

 - Cloudy ....... Then it became quiet. Then ........ - Where will you go? Go I will not go. - Please, please, please ........ Let's not know my path. - It may be cloudy. - Who's cloudy? - Terrible! - What ?! - Very dangerous. - What? - Kill me if you find me. I don't know you. - Come on, I'm here. Meghla I will actually fight with Meghla. - Tick? 

- Tick. Then the two began to walk. Shant is moving one foot and looking around well! I realized that it was cloudy .......... I looked around ........ I was scared. - I'm here. - You don't know how terrible Meghla is. - Don't hit me. Come with me. - No, I'm afraid I'm not going.

The girl. Fool that fool! Till today he did not ask the name of the girl. Today Meghla is back. As soon as Meghla came back, the burqa was changed and the previous red burqa fell off. Today he will give his identity to Shantar with this intention. And either apologize or tell Shant about his savings. When the road became as innocent as usual, the burqa-wearing man waited for the clouds under the lati tree. Suddenly he looked back with a soft cough. She looked at her burqa. Immediately he said calmly ........ - Where did you go? 

- Went for a walk. - Why don't you tell me? Do you know how scared I am to come here if the clouds come? - Why are you so afraid of Meghla? - He told me to kill. - When did you say that? - As a child. - You've been scared of him for so many years because he said it as a child? - You don't know, he's a complete gangster. - Oooo! So how are you? - I never thought of this ray! How are you guys? - Ha ha .... Good. - Why smile? - Well, what if it's cloudy now? - Are you coming? Oh, what a dangerous father! I will hide behind you. - So?

Do you love Meghla? - Yes, stale. Let me hide first. On hearing this, Meghla lifted the veil of her face and grabbed the collar of her cool shirt and said ...... - Then why am I scared? - Dangerous! Save him, save him, save him .... - Shut up. When I started shouting in fear, Meghla's threat became completely silent. 

Then ..... - What is the reason for me to be so scared? - You told me to kill you. Leave me alone. - Don't say. - I won't give you a love letter anymore. Leave me alone like this time. If my shirt is torn, my mother will kill me. - Tell me first, do you love me? - Mom! Mom! Mom! - Shut up. If not, I will break the leg.

- (Shut up) - Do you really love me? - Won't you kill? - No, I won't kill. - Love. - Then why did you run away for so long? - If you hit. - You idiot ........ Well, I picked up on the previous words and I will not kill. - Then let's go. I had to tell my mother. 

- No, not now. - Leave me, my shirt will be torn. Leaving the cloudy calm ....... - propose. - I can't. Did you see the amount of bull "quiet boy"? - There is a tick, I will teach it after marriage. Go home now. - Go? - Go. - Go. 

- Yes, go. - Come on. - Okay. - Be well. - You're fine. - Will you come tomorrow? - No. - Well, if you don't, I'll come. What will you do? - I'll sit here. - Sit down? - I'll wait. - For whom? - For you. - I'm not coming tomorrow. - I didn't think so. - Well, come today. - I come today. Ha ha! Finally the cool boy and GF got!

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