Pink Island - Romantic Love Story (Part- 4)

Mrinmoy came home. As soon as he entered the room, he came to his heart and said, "What did I see?"

"What else will I see. What I have seen. I will go around tomorrow."

"Oh come back."

Mrinmoy looked at his heart and said, "Will Sadiq never come?"

"How much more will I do with this Sadiq Sadiq? There has been no research for a few months now. Sadiq Sadiq has ended his life. Listen, if you like this boy, say yes to this boy. And fresh H. I am making tea for you."

Hridi went to the kitchen to make tea. Mrinmoy went to the verandah fresh. Hridi said with four cups in Mrinmoy's hand, "Where shall I go for a walk?"

"I don't know."

"Don't you know?"

"Not fixed yet."



Ayman is sitting quietly. Kabir came and sat next to him.

"Ayman, you're sitting like that!"

"Tell me what else to do?"

"Try a little more and be patient. You have an interview tomorrow, don't you?"

"Yeah, well done."

"Hmm. I'll give it."

"No more mood swings. Well, I have work to do."

At night Shuvro called. Mrinmoy called and said, "Tell me what to say."

"Oh yes, I'll go for a walk tomorrow. I'll be out in the morning."


"I'll drive to your house."

"Okay. I'll keep it now."


Mrinmoy put down the phone. Hridi said, "What did you say?"

"Will you go for a walk with me tomorrow?"

"Oh where?"

"He didn't say that. He said he would bring the car in the morning."

"Oh what a beat."

In the morning he brought a white car in front of Mrinmoy's house. Mrinmoy got ready and left the house.

Shuvro looked ahead and said, "Where are you going?"

"You didn't decide where to go?"

"No, I thought I'd go wherever you go."

"Walk up the hill."

"Mountains? Where can you find mountains here?"

Mrinmoy smiled and said, "That's what I said. Let's go to the forest."

"All right, let's go."

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