Pink Island - Romantic Love Story (Part- 5)

Mrinmoy noticed that Shuvro was looking at him again and again. Mrinmoy said, "Why are you looking at me? You look at the front and drive."

"Okay. I'll take you to the mountains if you want."

"Go today?"

"Today? There is no preparation today."

"Yes, I don't either."

The car came to a halt in Kashaban. Mrinmoy got out of the car and entered Kashaban. Shuvro started following him.

"Yes, give me the phone."

Mrinmoy picked up the white pick. Mrinmoy said, "Will you pick up the pick?"


"Okay. Then let's take a look."

Going a little farther, Shuvro said, "Will you go to the restaurant? A restaurant a little further away."

"Okay, let's go."

"Get in the car."

They got in the car. They came to the restaurant. Restaurant in a beautiful natural place. Shuvro said, "Shall I order coffee?"


They had coffee and talked a lot more. Shuvro said, "Let's go to a village."

"Let's go, but not today. Another day."

"All right."

After wandering, Mrinmoy came home. Mrinmoy's heart came to him. Hridi said, "How did the boy feel?"

"Hmmm, good. He said he would take me to the village for a walk."

"So whatever. And listen, I'm leaving now. I'm going to meet Ayman."

"Well be careful."

Hridi went to the park to meet Ayman. Hridi said, "How are you?"



"Not yet."

"So when will Ayman get it. Will I get it if I marry someone else?"

Ayman looked at his heart and said, "Why marry someone else! I'll find a job very soon."

"Well don't look."

"Hmm, take a look."

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