Pink Island - Romantic Love Story (Part- 3)

Mrinmoy put down the phone. He said to Hridi, "Look, he wants to meet again."

"So see how it works. See if it feels good."

"All right."

The night passed and the morning came. Mrinmoy woke up to the sound of the phone. Someone called. He took the phone in his hand and gave a white call.




"No, not yet."

"Oh well where are we going to meet today?"

"See you at the restaurant."

"All right."

"Well, I'll put the phone down now."

The heart is still sleeping. The earthy heart called out. The sleeping heart said, "What happened?"

"Get up, it's morning."

"Getting up."

"Get up."

Mrinmoy went to the restaurant in the afternoon. He had already come. He was waiting for Mrinmoy. Mrinmoy sat down and said, "When did you come?"

"It's a little earlier. What will you eat?"

"I'll have coffee."

Mrinmoy is sitting quietly. Shuvro said, "Uncle, how do you like me?"

"How does a man feel in two days!"


"A person can't be recognized in two days. I don't mean to say that you are not a good person. But you think about it, you don't know exactly what I am like. We have to talk first and then we will understand."

"Yes, that's right. You go somewhere."

"Not today or another day."

"What if I go today!"

"No, I'll go home today."


"I get up then."

"Then when to go around."



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