Pink Island - Romantic Love Story (Part- 2)

At the end of breakfast, Mrinmoy went to his room. After a while, his heart entered Mrinmoy's room.

Mrinmoy looked at his heart in amazement and said, "Come today!"

"Yes, he will come today. The boy is fine."

There was a look of despair on Mrinmoy's face. After a while, his heart said, "Look, Mrinmoy is not looking for Sadiq's brother. He is alive or dead or he is looking for a marriage. Then mix a little and see if it feels good. "

Mrinmoy said softly, "All right."

In the afternoon he came to see Mrinmoy. The pot is good in all respects. Even then Mrinmoy's mind was not drawn towards this boy. After the pot party left, Mrinmoy went and sat on the verandah.

The heart said, "Look, Mrinmay, don't be upset. Life doesn't stop for anyone. Well, it's not like you have to marry this boy. See how you get along."

"All right."

"Listen, I gave this boy your phone number. He can call at any moment."

He looked at the clay heart and said, "What?"

"Hey yes."

"Well I'll actually call the color number."

Ayman is sitting on the verandah with a tired mind. He is not getting any job. He is also thinking about his heart. He does not understand what to do. When will there be a job. . "

Ayman didn't say anything. The poet put his hand on Ayman's body and said, "Tell me what happened."

"I can't get a job. What do I do? The boy is starting to see for the heart."

"Look, try a little. I'll get something good."

"I'm trying, Ray."

"And I will get trust in Allah. I will get your job and I will get the people you love."

Ayman did not say anything. He is sitting quietly.

At night, Mrinmoy and Hridi went to the roof. At this time, a call came to Mrinmoy's phone with a color number.

"Hey, look, boy."


Mrinmoy called and said, "Yes, who is saying?"

"Do you recognize me in clay?"

"Yes, I don't know. Who are you?"

"I'm white."

Mrinmoy gestured to her heart and told her that the boy had come to see her today. Mrinmoy did not want to know her name as she was not very interested.

"Clay, can you hear me?"

"Oh you then."

"Yes I am. How are you?"

"That's good."

"Well can we meet tomorrow?"

"See you!"

"Yes, we can meet."

He said with a heart gesture.

Mrinmoy said, "Well, I'll see you tomorrow afternoon."

"All right."

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