Some Best important tips to increase Your computer speed

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Many times our computer works very slow.  And that sounds very annoying. But there are some tips to get rid of this annoyance, let's know some tips to increase the speed of the computer.


1. After a while, click on Run from Start, type tree and click ok. This increases the efficiency of RAM.

2. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete or by right-clicking on the taskbar. Then click on Processes. You will see a list of many programs. Select the programs that are not currently working and click on End Process to close. If you accidentally close a program and have an operating system problem, restart the computer.

3. If the RAM of the computer is low, the computer becomes slow. Computer speed can be increased a bit by increasing the virtual memory. To increase the virtual memory, first place the mouse on My computer and right-click on the properties. Now click on Advance and click on performance settings. Click on Advance again. Now when the new window comes up by clicking on change, enter the size you want in its Initial size and Maximum size, click on set and come out with ok. However, it is better to double the size of your computer's RAM in the initial size and four times the size of the RAM in the maximum size.

4. Go to Control Panel. Double-click Add or Remove. Click Add / Remove windows components. pic up the unwanted programs from the left side of the new window that appears. Then select Accessories and Utilities and click on Details. From the new window that will appear, pic up the programs that do not work for you. Now click on next. After successful message, click on Finish.

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