What is domain hosting? how does It works for a website

domain hosting

1. What is domain

To make a website you need to give a name to your website. And that name of the website is called domain. The domain is the name by which people will find your website. For example, we find Facebook with www.facebook.com we find Google with www.google.com and we find our website with www.hiddnetech.com. The name by which a person will visit your website is the domain of your website. Not only domains will be with .com, different types of domains are used on different types of websites. Everyone uses .com for business or general use. However, people use different domain extensions for different types of websites like .org .info .net. Also many more types of domains are used.

The domain mentioned above is a premium domain. If you want to use these on your website, you have to pay to domain service Providers. Usually the price of such a domain is between 800-2000 TK for one year.

2. What is hosting

Many people know what is domain but they don't know about hosting. 

If you bought a domain then you bought a name for your website. You need to keep your website on a PC that is on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Hosting companies offer the convenience of having your website on a PC that is always on. Hosting companies offer this service for a monthly or annual fee. Different companies provide hosting at different prices. If you want to take hosting in Bangladesh, you have to pay different prices to different companies. You need to buy and use a certain amount of space from their PC. And the place you buy for your website is hosting.

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