YouTube Is One Of The Best Platform To Make Money Easily

YouTuber Studio

Many of us know that money can be earned from Youtube, many people trust it and many people avoid it as fake. In a real sense-

How to make money from Youtube

If you want to earn money from YouTube, you must have a Youtube channel and you must have good idea about video creations. Before creating a channel you need to decide what topic you want to make a video on, and based on that you have to give a nice name to your Youtube channel.

You need to customize the channel before uploading the video to the Youtube channel.There are many tutorials on Youtube on how to customize the channel. You can just go to the search video of youtube and write -

how to customize YouTube channel

You will get numerous good YouTube videos of channel customization.

Then you will upload good videos regularly and of course when uploading videos you will put Youtube Video Tags, Video Title, Description in a good way.

By uploading videos regularly, when your channel has 1 thousand subscribers and 4 thousand hours of watch time, that is, when the watch hours of all the videos in your channel are 4 thousand hours, then you can monetize your channel.

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