Best Tricks to Speed up WordPress site

WordPress site

In the current era, WordPress is one of the most popular website making platforms in the world. This makes it easeful to launch a WordPress scheme on your own hosting account. Today we will discuss some important issues on how to increase the speed of WordPress site.

How to speed up wordpress site

1. Choosing a good hosting plan

It is so better not to rely on shared hosting to make your website faster. This is because they look immensely engaging unlimited bandwidth and storage but when the traffic is high it no longer works, even when goes offline. So buy a plan from a reliable organization. Those who provide hosting for WordPress, including WP Engine, Inmotion Hosting, Digital Ocean, etc, you can check these with trial.

2. Select the appropriate theme

Theme selection is very important in creating a website, because this is what users see first.  However, you need to be careful in choosing the theme. Choose a standard and SEO friendly theme that is stylish as well as light and works speedily. There are so many several good WordPress themes available on the marketplaces now. for example wordPress .org, repository, Themeum etc.

Be careful when placing widget ads. Because the more you show this kind of element, the more the page size of the site will increase.

3. Image optimization

In ground of uploading images on the site, you have to give an attractive image which is less in size. but not so humble that the visitors are annoyed due to poor quality. on the other side, if the image is too large, the site would be slow to load and this is also a cause of worriment to the visitors. Now there are many shapes of image resizer available such as FastStone Photo Resizer, which Could be used to optimize the image of your site. You can also apply the Jetpack's Photon CDN feature to get magnific results on image delivery.

4. Using the casing plugin

The casing plugin would assign your site to load faster. The two biggest demotic WordPress caching plugins are W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache.

5. Database optimization

Many types of unimportant data are constantly stored in the database such as trackback, pingback, etc. Now there are many WordPress plugins like WP-Optimize, WP DBManger that will keep your database free of all these unimportant data, and you can Also try the Post Revision Control Plugin.


6. Monitor the performance of the plugin

Every Self-hosted WordPress sites allow you to install plugins that are not available on WordPress. com. after all, using too many plugins often slows down the website. That is why you should to keep an eye on how Effective a plugin is and how much loading time it consumes. for this You can apply the plugin performance profiler on backend of your site. 

7. Using CDN

The CDN or The Content Delivery Network takes all the content of your professional site like text, images, HTML, from the hosting server to the user with a speedy way. This reduces the influence on your main server and the site is fast. Cloudflare, Incapsula, and more others are now very popular for increasing the speed of CDN sites.

Do you have any suggestions or questions to increase the speed of your WordPress website, feel free to make a comment below. 

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