Best 11 Tips For Better Facebook Video Ads

Facebook Video Ads

In their recent report, Facebook shared 11 tips for marketers which can be use to create more effective video ads.

Facebook shared these 11 tips for creating best video ads, which are founded on the recent research into what is working right now.

The results of the research has published in a Facebook-commissioned report on social online video effectiveness.

Facebook says, the video is now a popular method to touch the brand's customers.

For each dollar invested in social video advertising, there is a 39 percent probability of driving more sales than static social advertising.

The single maximum multiplier affecting the performance of video ads is not as where they are placed or who they retargeting — it is their an awesome creative quality.

Over average, Facebook placed 70 percent of the dynamic ROI from video ads comes from the creative itself, while the remaining 30 percent is ruled by the executional elements.

To aid marketers improve what’s likely to lead the most sales, Facebook put together 11 tips to helm the creative direction of video ads toward customer action.

11 Ways to Improve Video Ad Creative

With boundless research and testing, Facebook came up by 11 best practice principles for driving results with video ads.

Best Practices for Video Ads

Facebook’s definition of a best practice is something that each marketer should aim to perform for every ad they produce.

1. Mobile-first:

Use a upright 4:5 Ads format on Facebook and use a square format on Instagram. Ads must should be made for the platform where most of people will view them.

2. Sound off: 

The Video ads must should be able to be viewed, understood, and joyfull without any sound. As Facebook autoplays ads without sound, this is essential to capture user attention.

3. Showcase product or service: 

The main focus should be on advertising the product or service being sold, because Highlighting something else can be confusing to customers.

4. Single focus: 

Each video Ads must should be communicate a clear and single message. Avoid overcrowding multiple messages under one ad.

5. Highlight  brand:    

The all creative’s branding and message must should turn up nearby the start of the video. this is said to help maintain creative branding.

6. To get the point:

The front of the ad message makes it easy for consumers to find key details. If the message stay later in the video, then the information might be missed.

7. Ads Movement: 

Movements or quick edits at the beginning of an ad can grab consumers' attention and make them more likely to watch the entire video.

8. Say less: 

Ads must should be summarized in their messaging. An ad that’s short and summarized is likely to be more operative than a longer one.

9. Non-traditionary storytelling: 

Since consumers often see a fraction of a video ad, try to use the pressure of telling a story that starts with a push before ending after a while.

10. Keep up their interest: 

Incorporating more peaks into the story through twists and surprises can eventually grab the viewer’s attention. So try to put something of twist and surprise at the beginning of the ad.

11. Visual interest: 

Include pretty colours and close ups of any details or features. Given the size of a mobile screen, close ups can more successfully show and communicate the product or service.

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