Top 5 Ad Networks For Bloggers And Publishers To Earn Money Perfectly

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Choose a perfect platform from these 5 great ad networks, it will bring you good revenue.

If you have been a blogger, you recognize how important the ad network is to you. There are many good ad networks, including Google AdSense and Instant Articles, that you can apply to your website. But one thing to keep in mind is which ad network is best for your website.

All of these ad networks will allow you to earn lot of money without compromising the experience of your website visitors. All you need to do is choose the perfect platform from among these 5 great ad networks, which will bring you good revenue.
It has not yet been launched for desktop users. If you earn 100 dollar on Facebook Instant Article, it will be credited to your bank account. Facebook Instant Article Payment is made through PayPal and Bank Transfer.

There are many avenue to make money with blogging. You can make a lot of money by displaying ads on your blogging website. Today we are going to talk about the 5 best ad networks for publishers in the word who are great at paying and ease of use.

1. Google Adsense

Adsense is one among the foremost popular ad networks within the world today, employed by most bloggers. Adsense basically provides CPC based ads, which makes them the best among others. A publisher is able to monetize websites using Google Adsense through various means.

If you want to monetize your YouTube channel, app or website through Adsense, you must be prepared to comply with all of Google's strict guidelines and policies. If all goes well, Google will start displaying quality ads on your content, which can bring you a good amount of revenue.

Although it is really difficult to get AdSense approval nowadays, but once you get approval, you can enjoy all the benefits. If you have at least 100 dollar in your AdSense account, you can withdraw it anytime. And if your website has good content and traffic, then it is very easy to earn 100 dollar per month. AdSense Payment Methods Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), Western Union, Quick Cash and Bank Transfer respectively.

2. Facebook Instant Article

Facebook has come up with a new ad network called Facebook Instant Article to permanently eliminate the problem of slow page loading of websites. This is a different kind of ad network which means that no reader has to enter the website to read any post or article published on your website.

When you share the articles of your website on Facebook, if someone clicks on that link, he will be able to read the entire article while he is on Facebook. From time to time, Facebook will do various ad shows for articles, which will be your main source of income.

Currently, the world's largest media outlets have joined to Facebook instant article ad network, excluding AdSense. The popular American news portal New York Times, BuzzFeed, and the National Geographic are at the top of the list of Facebook Instant Articles.

In addition to advertising revenue, popular media outlets such as the Washington Post, Huffington Post, The Independent, and India Today have also teamed up with Facebook Instant Articles to increase website loading speeds for readers. However, only smartphone users can see the Facebook instant article.

3. Media dot net

Media dot net is another good quality ad network service for new and well-established writers or bloggers. Media dot net mainly deals with contextual advertising. It is managed on the basis of CPA, CPM, and CPC programs.

Media dot net is an organization run by Bing and Yahoo. This allows you to display quality ads on the website. The best thing about this ad network is that it creates ads with different features from other ad networks, which match the color, design and other materials of a website exactly.

This increases the chances of clicking or visiting ads. And if the clicks increase, your income will double and Media dot net has no traffic target, so if the traffic to your website is less, you can apply there. Like AdSense, Media dot net also has a minimum withdrawal limit of 100 dollar. Media fot net generally pays to publishers through PayPal and Web Money transfer method.

4. Propeller Ads

The popularity of Propeller Ads is skyrocketing for instant approval. If you submit your website to Propeller Ads, you can get approval immediately. In addition, many people put Propeller Ads at the top of their list of preferences for their first payment.

The Propeller Ads network service is most preferred by those bloggers who create content for technology. For example, if you prefer to write content on mobile, computer, social media, software or games, you can choose Propeller Ads.

If you have 100 dollar in Propeller Ads, you can withdraw with determined payment methods. However, at least 550 dollar is applicable for bank transfers. In Propeller Ads you can get money in hand through Paypal, Payoneer and bank transfer.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is a globally known ad network that provides ads for both publishers and advertisers. Infolinks displays ads according to different ad units such as In Fold, In Tag, In Text, In Frame and In Article. It works by combining text and links and displays product links, keywords or tags within the website.

Although the banner ad is very popular, it has some problems. Many conscious users ignore the banner ad and avoid it. Realizing the importance of this problem, Infolinks launched a new advertising method, which is not a picture or a banner, Rather a way to promote the product by displaying links.

Infolinks are so popular today that companies like eBay, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft use it to promote their services. if you have only 50 dollar in your account, you can withdraw money from this popular ad network. Infolinks pays mainly through PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfer and e-check.

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