Top 10 MyLiveCricket Alternatives For Live Cricket IPL Big Bash League

The main purpose of MyLiveCricket is to provide its users with unlimited amusement through live streaming of cricket matches. Over 2.4 million people have visited it. Football games are also streamed live and for free. 

The availability of channel embeds and connections from third-party websites such as Facebook, YouTube, p3g, telerium, streamcdn, and others makes live streaming feasible. These platforms are also free to use online. The original owner of the copyrights retains ownership of the live video content accessed through these connections, which enables live streaming.

Best Alternatives to MyLiveCricket

While there are several websites that provide live streaming and are MyLiveCricket's fierce rivals, MyLiveCricket is now at the top of the list overall. But occasionally, especially during important matches, you might not be able to view its information because of sluggish server replies. Therefore, it is usually beneficial to be aware of a few comparable platforms so that you may go to them and keep enjoying unlimited enjoyment.

Best 10 Sites For MyLiveCricket Alternatives in 2024:


Comparable live streaming service for cricket, Touchcric, is ranked at 3322 in the UK and 60,551 overall among all live streaming services. The website is safe and provides a great user experience.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
It has received around 736.9K visits overall, which is a significant amount and indicates how well-liked it is.


A reliable and secure live streaming platform for cricket matches is It is positioned approximately 82,648 globally.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
It provides live streaming in a number of forms for cricket matches. There were 557.1k visits to the website overall.


Located in Bangladesh, is a live cricket streaming website with a global ranking of about 378,961. It is most well-known for broadcasting Bangladesh Premier League games.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
It is not infected with malware and is secure and lawful. It has 141.7k total visits under its records. However, some may find the platform's abundance of advertisements to be bothersome.


Another site that streams live cricket is called, and the most of its users are from Pakistan, Germany, and the United States. It has an American registration. It is positioned 20,483rd in the world.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
It provides live streaming for games including football, tennis, rugby, and cricket.

There are around 58360 visitors there each day, and there are 2 million visitors total. It has a file-sharing function as well.


The website is dedicated to providing live cricket streaming for Pakistan; it mainly airs Pakistani cricket team matches.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
It has received 529k visits overall and is ranked 87,543 in the world. It is ranked 6071st in Pakistan. It is legitimate, safe, and free.


The website that streams live cricket and is rated 53,865 worldwide is It provides free live streaming of sporting events as well as other entertainment stuff. Up to now, it has received 818.7k visits overall.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
Its users are primarily from Pakistan, Australia, and the United States.

There are around 11,708 visitors there per day.


Another well-known file-sharing and live-streaming network for cricket that is accessible to everyone for free is It is ranked 640 in the sports streaming category and 37,874 overall. In total, 1.1 million people have visited it. Every day, 9502 individuals visit it.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
Pakistan, the UAE, and the USA are its main consumers.


A reliable and secure website to watch live cricket matches is In the Asian subcontinent, which includes Pakistan and India, it is well-known. In the global rankings, it is placed 376,798; in India, it is ranked 81,531. There have been 142.4k visits total.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
It receives 1905 visits every day on average. Because it provides a fantastic live match experience, the world's leading cricketing nations primarily associate it with cricket. The adverts that are shown on the website are the main source of revenue. But these advertisements take away from the user experience.


The majority of users of, one of the best websites for live media and cricket streaming, are from Qatar, India, and Pakistan. It is ranked 99th in the streaming media and sports category and around 11,666th overall.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
In total, 3.2 million people have visited it. The popularity of the website is demonstrated by the 22755 daily visitors.

Its ability to stream live IPL and international matches has increased its user base.

10) is a sports live streaming website with 863.7k visits overall and a global ranking of 50,748. It is most common in North America, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, and Pakistan.

Alternatives to MyLiveCricket
There are 16,836 visits to the website per day. It is safe, virus-free, authentic, and cost-free. It provides live streaming for all devices.

In summary

For customers who do not have access to the primary content source, these third-party live streaming websites offer live experiences of the game. These websites not only offer live streaming of cricket matches but also other popular games and extra services like file sharing and entertainment material. Instead of using MyLiveCricket, users have many other options for watching live cricket and other sports.

However, not all nations may be able to access all of the websites or platforms mentioned above. In order to continue streaming without interruption, users must go through all the platforms and bookmark the ones that are supported. 

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