Best 9 Free DocuSign Alternatives: E-signature

The success of your business may depend on obtaining a valid e-signature when sending digital documents, which is why DocuSign or its substitutes may be so helpful. 

If you do not have a trustworthy signing solution that enables you to get legally acceptable electronic signatures, you run the danger of exposing your business to potential legal troubles. DocuSign may be a great starting point for businesses who are just starting to use digital signatures.

Submitting a few papers monthly is a low-risk way to see how e-signing actually functions for just $10 a month. DocuSign isn't the only choice accessible, though. The market is filled with a wide range of digital signature goods. It has been whittled down to the very best that we believe exists. 

Top 9 Free DocuSign Alternative Competitors:

1. PandaDoc

Our biased view is that PandaDoc is the most effective DocuSign alternative available. PandaDoc offers robust custom branding and e-signature capabilities, along with a unique document editor to let you create business documents from the ground up and automate the entire process. Additionally, the platform offers over 750 templates to help you launch your document library. 

PandaDoc users may now connect PandaDoc to their favorite services—from Dropbox and Google Drive to Salesforce, HubSpot, and other leading CRMs—using native and Zapier connections. PandaDoc provides email assistance, a thorough product knowledge base, and round-the-clock live chat support so you can ask questions and receive answers when you need them most.

The most enticing feature of PandaDoc's all-in-one document generating solution is its ability to replace DocuSign with ease. You are not required to use Google Docs or Microsoft Word to draft your contracts. Everything may be written in the document editor, and in order to speed up the procedure going forward, you can prepare your papers for signature before storing them as templates. When all files are stored in PandaDoc, it is easy to discover old papers and renew contracts when it comes time for a review.

2. HelloSign

Obtaining legally enforceable e-signature collections is simple and quick using Dropbox's HelloSign. HelloSign seamlessly integrates with Dropbox, Google, and other significant platforms to provide a simple and intuitive signature solution, much like DocuSign and a plethora of other services. Similar to PandaDoc, HelloSign offers templates for its enterprise plans, team management tools, and choices for bespoke branding.

HelloSign lacks a document editor and other robust document writing capabilities, in contrast to PandaDoc. Using plug-in tools, you may connect HelloSign to Google Docs and have the tools available to you while working on your papers. HelloSign's seamless Google Docs connection and ease of use make it an excellent alternative to DocuSign.

3. SignNow

SignNow is an excellent replacement for DocuSign that can be used in any sector. SignNow is frequently industry-neutral and appropriate for companies of all sizes, much like DocuSign. Price is one of SignNow's primary selling points.

SignNow, which only $8 per month for a single user plan and $15 per month for a premium plan when paid annually, is an obvious alternative for companies trying to cut expenses when switching from DocuSign. Unlike DocuSign, which is mostly about e-signatures, SignNow does not offer a way to create documents quickly and easily as PandaDoc does. 

Conversely, SignNow works well with well-known document generation and management systems, such as HelloSign, so you can utilize it with the tools you already own. Phone help is available only to Enterprise level members. Anyone in the world can email you.

4. Abode Sign

Since Adobe Sign is a part of the Adobe app family, you can expect it to work well with the majority of other current business-related applications on the market. Similar to the other programs on our list, Adobe Sign distributes and signs documents via an online, cloud-based system. With Adobe Sign, you can create reliable audit trails and get legitimate electronic signatures. You may also utilize advanced fields, APIs, and integrations for a price.

But when compared to DocuSign, Adobe Sign has the potential to be revolutionary. Like DocuSign, Adobe Sign has transaction restrictions that can make it challenging for you to transmit documents in a way that is feasible for your business. Additionally, the cost of using Adobe Sign is far higher than the cost of using any other product on our list. 

A variety of support alternatives are also provided by Adobe Sign, albeit some of them are limited because of their price. If you want speedier support choices, you will need to pay Enterprise-level costs; if not, you will have to wait for a response to your emails or support ticket submissions.

5. RightSignature by Citrix

An alternative to DocuSign RightSignature, an e-signature process from Citrix, offers several powerful connectors. Similar to several other solutions such as DocuSign, RightSignature's business model includes team audit trails and personalized branding, however it does not prioritize document creation.

The goal of RightSignature, a DocuSign replacement, is to simplify the signing procedure as much as feasible. Users may send the document to the customer after uploading it to RightSignature, where signature fields can be added with a drag-and-drop tool, and the document is then signed. RightSignature provides plans for both individual and business customers, however the features and costs vary greatly between the two. 

Since it allows users to move the signature fields to the top of the page and considers every submitted document like a protected PDF, custom branding with RightSignature functions more like a white labeling service than a brand kit feature. There are other ways to get help, including live chat assistance, which is accessible Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

6. SignRequest

The goal of the e-signature software SignRequest is to provide a clear and easy-to-use signing solution for teams of all sizes.

Similar to RightSignature, SignRequest lets users upload files, email papers for signatures, and add fields with a drag-and-drop interface. The biggest difference between SignRequest and many other services on our list is cost. With the €9/month Professional Plan, one user gets all the tools necessary to create legally binding e-signature documents at a low cost.

SignRequest even provides a free plan for those that transmit a small number of documents each month and don't mind having the SignRequest logo on their work. SignRequest is competitive because of its inexpensive price when compared to the majority of the other digital signature solutions on our list. If all you need is a simple method to get signatures without the need for any specialized tools or functionality, SignRequest is a fantastic place to start.

7. SignEasy

For many industries, SignEasy replaces DocuSign since it supports several file formats. Furthermore, SignEasy boasts about how compliant their e-signature solution is with Aadhaar-based eSign, UETA, ESIGN, and elDAS.

A few of the enticing advantages that SignEasy offers include access from any device, an electronic audit trail for users, and offline electronic signature collection. Additionally, SignEasy severely limits the amount of reusable templates you may upload and designate (which is limited to three users by default) unless you are willing to pay for the $60/month Premium plan. Unlike other services that provide more flexible template generation, these templates need to be produced and uploaded by the user in order to be used again. 

Only a limited selection of connections are offered by SignEasy, including the essential services Dropbox, Google Drive and Gmail, Box, and Evernote. The company does not offer Salesforce or Zapier interfaces, which would allow greater flexibility, while providing the Zoho CRM interface. You can utilize chat support for help if you have a higher-end subscription, but it's only available during specific work hours.

8. OneSpan Sign

In addition to offering senders, signers, and administrators an excellent user experience, OneSpan Sign is dedicated to providing digital signatures that are consistent with legal requirements. The firm lists its globally distributed servers, transparent, affordable solution, and extensive audits as some of its key selling points.

Like many of the DocuSign alternatives on our list, OneSpan Sign gets the basics right. Enterprise-level brands can get e-Signature solutions, a few restricted integrations, an API and SDK solution, and e-Signature solutions through this program if they choose to white label OneSpan Sign and repackage it as part of their own product. Conversely, OneSpan Sign employs a linear signing process. 

It is not possible to produce advanced processes or comments from the public or team on a document. The software lacks a native document editor and does not enable real-time notifications or uploads from Google Drive. Given the fixed monthly fee of $20 per user, we would recommend OneSpan Sign as a possible choice for SDK or API development; nevertheless, it's crucial to remember that other providers provide similar services at a fair cost.

9. eSignly

If you're looking for an efficient and affordable electronic signature solution, eSignly is among your best choices. The user-friendly user interface makes document signature simple. Unlike other e-signature systems, we especially like eSignly's focus on being a fast and easy way to sign documents, without trying to be anything more. One of eSignly's primary differentiators is its pricing structure. All team members need to be on the same plan in order for many price plans to work.

You may save money by customizing eSignly's plans based on user roles. Your team administrator will need the Business plan, but the other members of the team can still work together and utilize the Pro or Free plans. This is a great option for team members who still need to feel like they belong but don't need a lot of executive or administrative power. Due to its unique pricing strategy and straightforward product offering, eSignly was swiftly added to our list. 

Even while eSignly is the best choice for businesses on a tight budget that want team management controls and electronic signatures, the PandaDoc Free eSign plan may be a better choice. Furthermore, eSignly can be an easy choice for teams looking to accomplish more with their papers than only collect e-signatures. But they are a great, cost-effective option if that is your main goal.
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