10 Advice For Looking to Build a New Website Online

A website is the reflection of your many days of desire and effort. Finally you are going to publish your hobby website. So since you are brand new, it is normal that you don't have a complete idea about the overall concept of Build a new website online.

So, if you are new to this, I will try to give you some important tips from hiddnetech. If you follow them, your website creation objective will be more likely to succeed.

1. Learn WordPress:

Try WordPress first and not any other advanced CMS. Remember here, WordPress is also not less advanced. Again it is not too difficult. You can learn everything you need to start a website by watching videos on YouTube. So first of all learn WordPress.

2. Write the article:

Write at least 5 informative articles for your website. Don't try to copy from any other website. Try to make each article at least 600 words. If you can write articles of more than that, it is good for you.

3. Install important plugins:

One of the best advantages of WordPress is that you can give your site a more professional look by using plugins. So install all the necessary plugins for your website and ensure their successful use.

4. Do on-page SEO

You will need on-page SEO to rank your articles well in Google. And by using a free plugin, you can do on-page SEO very well. The name of this plugin is Yoast SEO plugin. Using this will make your articles more SEO friendly. You can also use the premium version of this plugin if you want.

5. Submitting Site to Google Platform:

Submit your website to various Google platforms like: Google Search Console and Google Analytics . As a result, Google will continue to index your website and the content on your website every day. From here you can see the performance of your website yourself. It is very important to submit the website to these platforms of Google to stay ahead in Google search ranking.

6. Build lots of backlinks:

There is no substitute for backlinks to improve Google rank. So try to build lots of backlinks for your website. First of all create backlinks on quora or various forums or free sites. Collect backlinks by starting guest blogging on different blogs if needed.

7. Increase the amount of articles:

Once you understand everything well, slowly try to increase the number of articles. But in this case, keep in mind that writing quality articles is more important than writing more articles. So it is not just about writing the article, you also have to make sure that the article you write is quality or not.

8. Follow the rules:

Follow Google's recommendations while writing each article. How to write articles will rank well in Google, keep those things in mind and write proper articles. And our previously mentioned Yoast SEO plugin helps you in this regard .

9. Share the article:

Share the links of your articles on various social media. Instead of just relying on Facebook shares, create a profile for your website on other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest and share your writing there. This will increase the engagement of your article.

10. Keep yourself updated:

Finally our advice is to keep yourself updated regularly. Maybe you already know about SEO. But if you know those SEO methods of 2012 or 2014 and still apply them, then now you can't rank your website with those old methods.

Search engine optimization methods are constantly being updated. And along with that, the previous SEO techniques are constantly changing. So to get good results you have to update yourself with current time and technology. In today's age old thinking will never get you to rank a website.

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