How To Write "SEO" Friendly Articles?

While providing guest post opportunities for new bloggers at, we have seen that most of the new bloggers are very raw in SEO. That means they don't know how to write SEO friendly articles. As a result, even if they write articles with great interest, it is not possible for us to publish them in course notes.

It is not possible to rank in Google the text that is not SEO friendly. As a result, even if you write the article, since it is not coming up in Google search, the results of your writing are worthless. Many write articles and e-mail them to us. We do not have enough time to revise these articles.

So in today's discussion we will try to explain to you all the methods of writing an SEO friendly article. Although many discussions on SEO have been published in hiddnetech before. If you follow today's discussion completely, you too will be able to write a perfect and acceptable article.

How to write SEO friendly articles? Seo articles examples

In this article we will cover the basic elements of on-page SEO step by step. As a result, if you follow the discussion tips from start to finish, then you will face no more complications in writing articles. So let's get started.

1. Pick topics that have search value

Do you have enough search value on the subject you want to write an article on? Your writing topic must have search value. Search value refers to how much people are interested in knowing the topic. The search value of your topic is created only if people regularly search Google for the topic you write about.

On the other hand, you wrote an article about a topic that people have no interest in knowing about; It will have no value in upper writing. People don't want to know, meaning they won't search on Google about it. As a result, no one will read your writing. This will waste your time.

People are attracted to education, health, travel, technology etc. Users search Google every day to know about these issues.

So choose a topic that people are interested in knowing. These topics can be education, technology, health or travel. In any case, before writing the article, research the topic and understand people's need to know.

2. Choose the focus keyword

After thinking about which topic to write an article on, pay attention to the focus keyword. Focus keyword is a short sentence from the topic you are going to write an article about, which people search on Google. Basically, an article is built on the focus keyword.

For example, today we have covered the rules of SEO friendly article writing. So today our focus keyword is “How to write SEO friendly articles”. Many people will want to know about SEO friendly articles by searching Google for the keyword given in quotation marks. So we have chosen the most likely keyword searched by the users as the focus keyword.

Focus keyword is very important to bring an article to the top of search engine quickly. All leading search engines including Google rank articles based on focus keywords.

3. Use focus keyword appropriately

Find out what is the focus keyword of your article and use it in different parts of the article. Focus keyword is used several times depending on the length of the article. For example of seo articles-

  • If the article length is 1000 words:
  • 1 bar in original title
  • 2 times in first 150 words
  • At least 1 time in sub-headings (h2, h3, h4).
  • 1 time anywhere in the original discussion
  • 1 time in last 150 words
Note: Focus keyword is a unique phrase or phrase. Care should be taken to ensure that no other word enters between these keywords.

When you use the focus keyword in different places of your article according to the above instructions, then Google will understand about the content of your article and your article will appear in the search list as soon as the user searches.

It is generally best to use focus keywords no more than 3 times in a 600 word article, 5 times in a 1000 word article and 8 times in a 2000 word article. Overusing the focus keyword in the article will make it over optimized. Which is not characteristic of a quality article.

4. Use sub-headings

Articles are much like writing essays in books. As there we read different parts of the essay like introduction, content, conclusion etc.; Articles also have such different parts. And the sections are based on the topic you are writing about.

Using essential sub-headings within the article seems more acceptable to Google. As a result, the article ranks quickly.

Highlight each separate part of the article by using sub-heading (h2, h3, h4) tags. For example we have used total 7 and additional 2 sub-headings with 1, 2, 3 serials in our article. In which we have used Focus keyword in the first heading.

5. Use internal links

It is important to use at least one internal link in your article. Internal link refers to adding a link to any other page inside your website. When you write an article, if any other article related to that article is already on your website, then link to it.

As a result, your article has passed another step of on-page SEO. By using internal links, the structure of the article is standardized. At the same time, other relevant posts on the website can also be presented to the reader. As a result, a reader comes to read a topic and gets other topics relevant to him in front of his eyes.

6. Use external links

External links are sometimes called outbound links. This is the complete opposite of internal link. That is, through the use of external links, the article is linked to any other webpage outside your website.

For example, you have collected some information from another website to write your article. You can add the website link to your article if you want. In the part of the article where you use information from another website, it is best to use External link.

Many can't design images or feature images required for articles. Then we download free images from various photo sharing platforms and use them on the website. In this case, the link of the site from which you collected the image can be given as credit at the end of the article.

Many refer to other websites outside their own website. External link can be used at any place of writing as per requirement. But wherever you use it, it must be logical.

7. Use required images

You should use relevant and necessary images or pictures in your writing. If you are conveying a point to the reader, include an image in the text if necessary. Many use images only in the feature image, not in any other part of the article.

Although the use of images in articles is not mandatory, SEO requires the use of images. However, it is better not to use additional images where it is not necessary, because if you use unnecessary images in the article, your website will load very slowly. Which will cause discomfort to the reader.

last word

In this long article we have tried to explain you how to write SEO friendly articles. Hope the above discussion will be useful and fruitful for you. We also hope that from now on you will not be rejected for writing guest posts on the course. Good luck to you.

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