Web Cam Create a ring of security at home with IP cameras and microphones. Where will the thief escape?

Block thieves from all sides.  In fact, the headline was not exactly what I thought. In fact, seeing so many features of this software, I could not understand exactly which one to leave and which one to say. After our basic needs of food, clothing, shelter comes security. Although the responsibility of providing security is somewhat on the government, if it sits on hope, it will not be able to protect Sentu Genjita from thieves. So what to do? Why should we take our own security?

Keeping your home safe is not that difficult in this age of information technology. But for this you need some things. But nothing too expensive. A computer, web cam or IP camera and microphone will work on it. If your house is very big, you can create a security zone with multiple IP cameras or web cams.

Things are arranged now how to fit them? Hmmm, at this point an unrivaled open source software called iSpy will appear on the screen. It's hard to figure out what can't be done with just 13 megabytes of software. Let's go over some of the features in brief. But yes, this description is like a summary of a great work. Because so many features can not be finished.

Home security:

Fit your web cams or IP cameras in place and go to the office or anywhere else with confidence. You can check the home status anytime from iSpy's website. If an emergency happens, the message will be sent to the mobile immediately. And you can see instant video on YouTube automatically!

iSpy in Office Security:

If you're not in the office, that's a good time for a thief to steal. So the security of the house

Besides, if you can fix iSpy and computer settings in the office, then who else gets it!

Workplace Monitoring:

If you are worried about knowing whether your office workers are doing their job properly in your absence, install iSpy on their computer then run the video in background with password and that's it! Watch their live action from anywhere in the world.

Auto Steps:

You control iSpy software with batch file, command line, web and mobile

If you want to run a batch file then you can. For example, when iSpy detects movement, it will turn on the lights in your house or turn on the barking sound of the dog, etc. And you will know all these things immediately on your mobile!

To catch ghosts or aliens:

What sounds strange? But know iSpy to catch ghosts or aliens

It doesn't get any better than this. It can capture everything from very fine movements and light sounds.

So expect a lot of fun!

Download iSpy

To keep an eye on pets:

If your dog barks, iSpy will record it through the microphone. And then if you need to yell to get the dog to stop, your pre-recorded yell will instantly make the dog listen and the dog will chill! 😛

Machine Monitoring:

If you have a factory then iSpy will monitor if those machines are working properly.

A closer look at the animal world:

Place a web cam in the birdhouse or near any of your favorite animals so you can watch their daily activities whenever you want.

iSpy to prevent thieves:

If someone breaks the lock or breaks into your house without your knowledge and wants to steal your favorite computer among other things, iSpy will automatically detect motion and start recording which will instantly send the thief's picture via FTP, mail or message!

Give iSpy babysitting duties: Fit iSpy to keep an eye on your kids. If the baby starts crying then know through the sound monitoring system that your baby is hungry 😀

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