How To Start School Uniform Business 2024

School Uniform Business Textile business is a business whose demand never decreases. The demand for this industry is expected to increase further in India in the coming times. At the same time, many types of businesses are also involved in textile trade. For example, someone does business of selling women's clothes, while someone does business of selling children's or men's clothes. 

Today we are going to give you information about children's clothing business. You can start the business of children's uniform i.e. school uniform with low investment. There is always a demand for children's school uniform in the market. Therefore, you will definitely benefit from opening this business. If you are interested in opening this business, then this article will prove beneficial for you.

Profit in school uniform business 

You will find many schools in every city of the country. Some of these schools are government and some are private. There is demand for uniforms in both these types of schools. Every year new children enroll in school, who need uniforms. Similarly, students already studying in school also have to buy new uniform every year. Every student must have at least two uniforms. At the same time, you can guess from the fact that every student needs uniform from time to time, so the demand for your business remains there every year.

Not only this, if we look at the profits related to this business, it is also quite good. If you buy a ready-made uniform from a businessman and sell it, you can earn a profit of Rs 50 to Rs 80 on one uniform. On the other hand, if you buy clothes yourself and get the uniform stitched and then sell it, then you get more profit in it.

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School uniform price- ( school uniform price list India)

School Uniform Business Before stepping into any business, you should know what is the market price of the goods being manufactured by that business. If we talk about the price of uniforms sold in the market at present, the price of skirts starts from Rs 300. Whereas the price of shirt starts from Rs 250. Apart from this, the starting price of pants is Rs 200 .

Different types of school uniforms

School Uniform Business Different types of uniforms are worn by children in every school. In many schools, skirts and shirts are worn by boys, while in many schools suits are chosen as the uniform for boys. Whereas boys need pants or shorts. Many times, colorful shirts are decided by the school as a uniform for the students of younger classes. That is, whenever you start this business, you will have to make all types of uniforms worn by school children and sell them in the market. 

Ways to do this business - (how to get School Uniform Business contracts)

There are two ways to start this business, according to the first way you can buy uniforms from someone who makes uniforms and sell them to customers in schools or through shops. In the second method, you prepare uniforms yourself and then sell them in schools or by opening your shop. You can earn profits through both these types of methods.

Materials for starting a business 

To start School Uniform Business you will need clothes. You can buy the cloth used in making uniform from any cloth merchant. Apart from this, whatever other things you will need. They are scissors, zip, hook, thread, press and button.

Where to buy raw cloth and its price 

You can buy the cloth required for making uniforms from the market. At the same time, when you buy many clothes at once, it also becomes a little cheaper for you. Apart from this, you will have to buy clothes of many colors. Because the uniform of every school is different from other schools. Talking about its price, you will get one meter of cloth for at least Rs 35 to Rs 45. Whereas if you take the entire station then you will get it cheaper. Anyway, you have to prepare so many uniforms, so it would be appropriate to buy the entire space of clothes.

Business related machines and their prices

The work of School Uniform Business is related to clothes, hence the machine used in it is also related to making clothes. You will have to get a sewing machine to stitch the uniform. The price of these machines starts from Rs 5000. If you buy a machine operated machine, it will cost you between Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000.

Where to buy sewing machine

You can easily purchase these machines from the market. If you do not have much budget then you can also buy these machines second hand. Apart from this, online option is also available to buy these machines. You will easily find many types of sewing machines online. Before purchasing these machines from anyone, you should know their prices properly and buy them from wherever you can find them cheaper. You will get good information about the prices of these machines on the link given below. Apart from this, if you want, you can also buy these machines from this link.

If you are thinking of starting this business on a small scale, then you will need two to four machines. Whereas if you start this business on a large scale then you will need 10 to 15 machines.

Selection of people

For School Uniform Business, you will need those people who know how to sew clothes. Select people who have experience in sewing. Along with this, you can also hire those people for this work who want to learn sewing. By doing this you will get people to work for less money. After selecting these people, you can start your business.

Process of school uniform making in hindi

School Uniform Business: To make school uniform, first of all you have to cut the cloth according to the size of the uniform you want to sew. After cutting the cloth, you will have to stitch it with the help of mission. After completion of sewing, you will have to do the work of buttoning and adding gimp to that cloth. After this work is completed, the process of making your uniform will be completed. After making the uniform, you will have to iron it properly. After ironing, you will have to pack the uniform in envelopes. Similarly, you will also have to stitch uniforms of other sizes of children. Once you have a good number of uniforms ready, you can start selling them.

Process of selling school uniform (How To Sell School Uniform)

School Uniform Business: You can sell school uniforms directly to any school, otherwise you can open your own shop and sell the uniforms prepared by you. At the same time, if you open your shop, you can also sell socks, school children's belts, bags and etc. By doing this your income will only increase. Any customer who comes to you to buy uniform will also buy the other things mentioned above.

This business can be started from home also-

If you know sewing well and you can sew clothes for children. So you can start this business from your home itself. You can sew clothes by keeping two or four machines in your house and sell them to the shopkeeper by going to a shop selling school uniforms. You will also need some people to start from home. Once your business starts running, you should start it on a larger scale. Talking about the process of making clothes at home, you will need a sewing machine and all the other things mentioned above. Whereas the method of sewing clothes will be the same as mentioned above.

Registering a business name (School Uniform Business License process)-

If you start your school uniform business by opening a company, then to do this you will have to register your business. You will need many types of documents to register your business. Such as Aadhar card, identity card, address of the place where you are starting the business and etc. Choose a name for your company that is easy to pronounce and remember. After all this is done, you can go to the government office of your city where the names of companies are registered. Go there and get your business registered.

Packaging and Box Needs (School Uniform Business Packaging And Labeling Process)

If you supply the uniforms made by you to a school, then in such a case you will need many big boxes. In these boxes you can safely deliver your goods to schools or your clients. You can get them made from any cardboard box making merchant . If you want, you can also get your company's name written on these boxes. By doing this your company will be marketed.

Selection of Space (Space required for School Uniform Business)

You will not need much space for this uniform related business. You can start this business by renting three to four big rooms. At the same time, if you want to open a shop of your own and sell clothes, then you will have to choose such a place for the shop around which there are many schools. So that school children can buy uniform from you only.

Need for caution (precaution for School Uniform Business)

Clothes are such things which can get damaged if not taken proper care of. Therefore, keep the clothes at a place where they cannot get stained. Also, ensure that there are no rats in the place where you are going to start this business and if there are rats there, then you should use medicine to kill them.

Promotion of your business (School Uniform Business Marketing)

For promotion i.e. marketing of the uniform prepared by you, give information about your company to every school in your city. If you want, you can hand over this responsibility to someone. On the other hand, if you do not have that much budget, then you can personally meet the management of the schools and give them information about your business. At the same time, if they find the uniform prepared by you good and cheap, then they will definitely buy these uniforms from you. At the same time, do not limit your business to only one school, sell the uniforms made by you in other schools.

Budget to start this (School Uniform Business start-up Costs)

To start this business you will need four to six lakh rupees. If you start it on a small scale then this business can be started even with Rs 2 lakh.

Business budget and loan facility (School Uniform Business Loan Facility)

If you do not have that much money to start this business. So you can start business by taking loan from any bank. Not only this, many schemes are also being run by our government to promote small scale businesses. With the help of these schemes, you can also take loan at low interest.

Things to keep in mind-

Try to prepare uniforms for all the schools in your city. It is noteworthy that every school has different types of uniforms. Therefore, try to prepare uniforms for every school present in your city.

Other businesses related to this business-

If your business starts running well, then along with this business you can also start other clothes related businesses. You can not only limit yourself to school uniform but can also make other uniforms. Information about which is given below.

Company Uniform Business And Process

There are many companies where their employees have to work wearing uniform. In such a situation, you can make uniforms for them also and sell them in the company. The process of making uniforms for adults is exactly the same as the process of making school uniforms. If you make uniforms for children, you will easily be able to make uniforms for adults as well. By doing this your profits will increase further.

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