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If you want to start a business in which you start earning from the very first day, then you must gather information about the business of making momos, because in the present times, momos shops are opening everywhere indiscriminately. And there is a huge crowd of people coming to this type of shop. 

You can also start momos business to earn more money with less investment. In today's article we will get complete information about momos business. Let us move on to the main issue and know what is the business of making momos and how to do the business of momos.

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What is Momos Business

Momos are called Momo in short. Although it is a Chinese word, it has come from the country Tibet, but at present it has proved to be a very popular street food in most of the countries of the world. The full form of Momo is Mog-Mog. Flour is used to make momos. In today's time, automatic machines have also started coming for making momos, which can make a lot of momos in a single hour.

What is Momos Business?

Momos have been becoming very popular in our country for some time now. It is a spicy and mildly spicy fast food, which starts selling from the very first day of starting the business. Momos are easy to prepare and selling them is also quite simple. You can easily earn money from day one by doing momos business. Momos are white in appearance and have many varieties. In the business of making momos, we have to manufacture momos and earn money by selling them. You can start momos business in a shop or you can start this business on a lorry also. Depending on the level of business, the money spent in this business may be more or less.

Momos Business Demand in Market

People of our country have started liking outside food more than eating at home, people also like street food very much. Momos also comes in street food. Today, you see Manchurian rice, paneer rice, noodles, Chinese and other fast foods everywhere in rural and urban areas and you also see crowds of people eating them. Similarly, there is always a crowd of people at the momos stall. During the winter months, momos shopkeepers earn more money than during normal days. In this way, it can be understood that momos has become such a fast food that everyone likes to eat. Therefore, its demand is very strong, by fulfilling which any person can earn good money.

Types of Momos 

Many varieties of momos are available in the market. At some momos shops you get only one variety, while at some momos shops you get different varieties, so that the customer can get to taste as many types of momos as possible. In this way, you should also find out which type of momos is sold the most in your area and only then you should proceed further. Below we have told you the names of some major types of momos.

  • Veg Momo
  • Paneer Momos
  • Chicken Momo
  • Tandoori Momo
  • Gravy Momo
  • Mushroom Momo
  • Crunchy Momo
  • Chili Momo

How to Start Momos Business _

Complete information about how the momos business will be started is given below.

Total Investment

The investment in the business depends on how big or small a level you are starting this business. Initially you can easily start momos business in a small stall with Rs 4000 to ₹ 5000. If you want to start this business on a lorry, then in such a situation your investment for everything can be around Rs 50000 to Rs 60000. On the other hand, if you want to start the business of selling momos in a shop, then for this you should have a fund of at least ₹ 100,000 to ₹ 1.5 lakh. In this way, you should arrange for a little more money than the estimated amount. If you want, you can consult someone who is already selling momos and get information about the funds they invest in the business.

Money Arrangement for Momos Business

To start the business of making momos, you have to collect the money required for the business, because only when you have the money to invest, you will be able to take any further steps. If you are short of money to invest in your business, then you can get a loan under Mudra Loan Scheme from any government bank or if you want, you can get a personal loan or business loan on the basis of your good CIBIL score. Can get it.

Prepare a business plan

In momos business, you also need to make an excellent business plan for your business. You have to include all these things in the business plan, how much money you will start your business, what kind of location you would like for the business, how you will attract your customers, whether you will run the business in a shop or in a lorry or How will you start the stall, how will you decorate the business, will you work in this business yourself or will you hire a momos artisan, how many employees will you hire.

Select a good location

By starting momos business in a crowded place, you can get more and more customers and by getting more and more customers, your income can also increase rapidly. In a crowded place, you can open a momos shop near a college, school or university or if you want, near a busy intersection or at a short distance from the railway station or airport or in a private / government building. You can open a momos shop near the bus stand. Apart from this, if you want, you can open a momos shop in an industrial area also. Or you can start the business of selling momos even in a posh area. The more crowded the area you start this work, the more benefit you will get.

Obtain the necessary license and registration

The business of making momos comes under the category of food business. Therefore you will need to obtain a food license. To get this license, you have to apply to FSAI, from there you will easily get the food license for momos business. However, if you are starting it in a small stall then there is no need for you to get a food license, but if you are starting momos selling business on a lorry or in a shop then you must get a food license. . Apart from this, if you are starting a business in a rented shop then you should get a rent agreement done. Along with this, if any other type of license or registration is required, then you must collect information about that also.

Hire Employees

To start a business on a small scale, you alone are enough, but if you are starting a business on a larger scale, then you have to hire employees according to the business. Now it depends on you how many employees you want to hire for your work. If you do not want to make momos yourself, then for this you will have to hire a skilled momos maker and you will also need 1-2 waiters to serve the customers coming to your shop. Remember that the momos maker whom you hire should know how to make good and tasty momos, because if the taste of momos is good then your business will grow rapidly. After progress in business, you can increase the number of employees as per your requirement.

Arrange Raw Material and Machinery

The ingredients used to make momos are easily available at your nearest grocery store. Therefore you do not need to wander here and there much. If you want, you can also buy a machine to make momos. If you are doing business on a small scale then you can build it with your own hands. You can purchase the machine from the local market or online. You will get the phone numbers of the dealers of momos machines on Indiamart.

Momos Packaging for Momos Business

The business of making momos is such a business in which you do not need any packing, because the customers themselves come to your shop and eat the ready momos. However, if a customer comes to your shop and asks to parcel momos, then you need to do packing. You should pack the momos in such a way that they remain hot for at least 1 to 2 hours, because it is more enjoyable to eat momos when they are hot. For packing, you can use readymade boxes available in the market or use aluminum files.

Marketing for Momos Business

You can use social media to market your momos making business. If you want, you can put the status of your business on your Facebook or WhatsApp application. Apart from this, if you have a good budget then you can advertise your business in the most read newspaper of your area. If you want, you can make a banner for your business and put it at a crowded intersection in your area. Apart from this, if you want, you can get small slips printed and distributed in people's homes. If rickshaws run in your area, then you can get advertisement of your momos making business placed on the back of the rickshaw also. In this way, your business will become very viral in no time, which will increase the chances of a huge crowd of people coming to your shop or your momos stall.

Risk for Momos Business

If there is anything, the biggest risk in this business is that your momos will not taste good. Remember that people eat momos only for taste. Therefore, you have to try to bring maximum taste in your momos. For this, you have to hire a skilled momos artisan or if you work yourself then you have to continuously improve your work skills, also keep in mind that the chutney you give with momos should also be spicy. Because people like to eat momos to chat. Also, you should keep many varieties of momos in your shop and always use fresh items to make momos. We also want to tell here that if you keep the price of your momos high in the beginning itself, So this will reduce the chances of selling your momos. Therefore you have to keep the price low in the beginning. With this you will get more and more customers. Later, if you wish, you can increase the reasonable price as per your wish.

Profit from Momos making business

In the business of selling momos, you start getting profits from the very first day. According to statistics, every momos seller in our country earns at least ₹ 500 every day. In this way, if you also earn ₹ 500 daily then your monthly income is ₹ 15000. However, we have also seen that many momos sellers are earning more than Rs 10,000 per day. In this way, only when you start the business actually, you will know the real income. However, on different websites on the internet, we found that by doing the business of selling momos, you can easily earn an income of Rs 30,000 to ₹ 40,000 every month. Can.

How to Make Momos

First of all you need to arrange the ingredients required to make momos. Along with this, you should also know how to make a good and tasty momos. If you do not know how to make momos, then you can easily learn to make momos sitting at home in a few days through YouTube videos.

Ingredients :-

  • Below we have given you information about the ingredients required to make momos for 3 to 4 people.
  • You will need half a cup of flour.
  • You will have to take one whole carrot.
  • Green chilli has to be used as per requirement.
  • Half cup of cabbage will be required.
  • 8 to 10 cloves of garlic will be required.
  • Four to five finely chopped ginger will be required.
  • Two to three black peppers will be required.
  • Salt will be required as per taste.
  • Water will be required.
  • A large bowl of oil will be required. The oil should be refined or mustard.
  • You will need half a chopped onion.

Method of preparation :-

After collecting the ingredients required to make momos, you should know about the method of making momos. Below you are being told in detail how to make momos.

  • First of all you have to take salt and flour and mix them together in a bowl. Water has to be used for mixing. You do not have to make the paste too tight.
  • Now you have to grease the dough using oil and leave it like this for half an hour.
  • Now you have to pour oil in the pan and add garlic, ginger and black pepper in it and heat it a little. After this you also have to add green onion and then cook it on high flame.
  • Now add cabbage and carrots inside the pan and keep cooking it continuously. After this add salt as per taste.
  • Now while cooking the vegetable properly, you have to add 2 tablespoons of green onion and stuffing mixture inside it.
  • After cooking all the things you have to take them out.
  • Now you have to take the flour paste in your hands and shape it like a roti and put a little mixture inside it and then close it by joining it from the top.
  • Now you have to fry it by adding oil in the pan.
  • You have to make all the momos in the same manner. After making momos, you have to eat them with Schezwan chutney.

Momos Shop Name List for Momos Business

The names of momos shops are as follows.

  • Tummy Filler
  • MoMo’s Point
  • Momos World
  • Dash Delicious
  • Momos Meal
  • Hot and Tasty
  • Kikimomo
  • Momoztree
  • Momostown
  • Fresh Table
  • Food Momos
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