That love is wonderful

A little snoring sound comes from the other side. My mood worsens by a few degrees. Did you call to hear your cry? Ishita's crying continues a little further. I remain silent! At last, Ishita herself says in a broken voice, - I am really sorry! You have to listen to so many words today because of me! Something will happen that I really did not understand! Please forgive me. . Saying this, Ishita started crying again. It's not a little bit, it's completely true. Today, I had to listen to my character because of this girl! If you don't have someone to help you, getting a tuition in Dhaka city is like finding a needle in a haystack! When, After completing my graduation, I was unable to get a job as per my wish, then a friend of mine helped me. I will clear the issue of friend another day. Today let's tell the real story. So I got the responsibility of teaching Ishita by the grace of that friend. . On the first day when I went to teach Ishita, I stood in front of Ishita's house and the door opened after ringing the bell a few times. I was stunned and looked at the girl standing in front. She had a milky complexion and a white churidar. I was the first to break the silence and said, – My name is Rupak Ahmed, Ishita's new teacher. The girl in front then greeted me and said, - Come in sir! I am Ishita. With such words, I was a little bit stunned. I looked at the eyebrows. A little while ago, the physical structure The enchanting beauty almost engulfed me, she instantly transformed into a little girl in my eyes. Ishita seemed to be a very quiet girl in the beginning. But as time went by, the girl's excitement increased. Sometimes the girl behaved like a child and had a hard time suppressing her laughter. To express her seriousness, I used to say, "Shut up, girl." .What's so much talk about." He would get a bit upset at that. I guess he would say to himself, "Huh! You're a rotten person. You talk to me like that all the time." It was clear to me that his childish behavior was an expression of love after a few days. It was raining heavily outside that day. What a strange coldness permeated the surroundings. Suddenly, my thirsty male eyes fixed on his eyes. I was startled by those eyes. Looking at. What a deep look! What a terrible love flashed in her eyes. I quickly took my eyes back that day. I know it's not possible. This girl is only studying intermediate! She has not yet received the touch of an adult, her family status on top of that! I have to think about it. Then the crime, Ishita's behavior started to deteriorate day by day. How she got my home phone number I can't say. But soon after I read her she used to send short messages. He used to say, "Don't wear the shirt you wore today. This shirt doesn't suit you at all. And yes, I saw some wives reacting in your recent post. Remove them from the list today! There is no need to keep such characterless wives in the list. . A few days ago, I was explaining a very difficult math to the girl. Then she looked at me for a while and said in a happy voice, "You know your hair is very beautiful. I don't always want to touch your hair. Can you touch it? I don't want to touch it. Please? That day I shook all the anger together. I let him twist the taught math. I hit his left palm twice with all my strength with the steel scale. Immediately, the scale marks settled on his smooth white palm. It seemed that if I hit it a little harder, blood would come out through the skin of the palm. Like the palm, his eyes are also red. It happened in a moment. She looked down and cried silently for a while. Her tears were falling! I felt sad. I felt guilty. The girl's silent crying also tormented me. After teaching that day, I came home and hugged her. I messaged and said, "Sorry"! He immediately responded to my message, "I love you"! I was a bit shocked by such a response. I was not at all prepared for such a response! Although somewhere a cool breeze of pleasure wanted to swallow me. was!” Since then, the girl has become more and more brave. When she goes to study, she says, "Please don't study again today. Let's talk a little today!" In response to his words, I said, "Your parents give me money every month. It's not like that. And we poor people eat money legally. Haram money is not ours. With such words, the girl frowned and said, "You always talk so hard. It doesn't even take you two days to upset people. 

Teach! Teach as much as you want!" So far it was all right, but today I couldn't imagine that the girl would do such a thing. At that time, he suddenly leaned a little and kissed my cheek. I didn't even have time to be surprised. I looked at the door and saw Ishita's mother with big eyes! Ishita's words interrupted my thoughts. She pulled her nose and said, - What happened! Why are you not talking? I am really sorry. Please forgive me. I said in a cool voice, – Hmm. He puffed his nose and said, - If I had known that mom would do this, believe me, I would never have done such a thing! I thought…….. I was surprised. I was surprised and said, - Tell me what you want to say clearly, girl! He said in a frightened voice in a childish manner, - You see! You always bully me. What's wrong with me! I thought that if mom sees us like that, she will tell dad to make arrangements to mature my relationship with you. So when I felt mom's presence in front of the door, I…..! I was shocked by Ishita's words for a while! I don't understand whether to laugh or cry. I said with a bit of surprise, - So you did it on purpose? He is silent for a while. Says, - I'm sorry! I think what should I say to this girl. Sometimes I mutter quietly, - You know, everything is predestined. Which we can't stop even if we want to, and again if we don't want to! I don't know what's going to happen or what's going to happen next. Just I know it's never possible as you think. Your life and my life are like two ends of a magnet. Which attract each other not repel. Ishita bursts out again. She says in a tearful voice, - Whatever you say, I will never leave you! Not for a day. Not even for a moment! I will write poems about you. I will paint all the feelings in my mind with your colors. I will fulfill all the wishes one by one. Saying this, he kept quiet. He raised a tone of authority and said, - And yes, Tomorrow you read Yellow Punjabi and wait for me at the intersection in front of our house. I will go around the city with you in a rickshaw under the name of going to college. I will start a new story. If you don't come, I will come straight to your house. Huh! Then again you can't look at me with eyes!! I keep silent. The girl's talk in such authoritative tone is very touching! All men want someone who will make them feel important. Well, I don't have yellow punjabi. If I wait in dark blue punjabi. Will the girl be angry and swollen cheeks? Immediately I was surprised to see my own thoughts. But did I really fall in love with this beautiful girl with a childish nature!!

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