A different kind of love story

Lately in the afternoon, Rajiv felt very lonely. Ashek, no one from Saroara can be found anymore. Everyone is very busy. A few days ago, the three of them used to travel together. The afternoon was well spent seeing the varsity girls and drinking tea. Suddenly, Saroya got a tuition. Ashek once followed his path. So now they can't be seen every afternoon. Nothing happened to Rajiv. He doesn't love, he doesn't do tuition. How much time is spent reading the paper, pressing the mobile phone! So the afternoon that he thought was 'here it is, it's gone' type, now it seems that someone has unnecessarily dragged this time like chewing gum! - What do you do? Let's go around. Ashek suddenly came to Rajib's room in the afternoon. - You at this time! Don't you have tuition today? -No. The student is ill. So her vacation, I have a holiday too. Where is your roommate? -Who? And Russell. Huzur type Pola in Bata. Where else to go! Maybe went to pray. -O. Let's eat Moghlai. - Can you eat or not? Or is it the American Way? - Oh no! Are there any bells in America-Tamerica? I will eat - What mom! Today feels very hot! Do you get tuition money? - Why are you so loud? don't go A smile flashed in Ashek's eyes and face. - I understand. So it will not be Moglai. Let's eat soup. - Dhyat Shala. You don't need to go anywhere. I'm bored. Eating! Soup-moghlai seems to be all gone. Rajiv quickly said, ok friend. Whatever you say will happen. In fact, Kana uncle is better than Nai uncle, right? -What?...Oh yes... right A sense of satisfied expectation on Ashek's face. After a while the two got into the rickshaw. Destination is any good hotel. Everyone is running and running in the busy city. Rickshaw behind rickshaw. Car behind car. Behind the man is the woman. Men behind women. Just running around. Suddenly, Rajib said, "Dost see, isn't the thing heavy?" A girl is coming in a rickshaw from the opposite direction. Oh, not bad, let's go. Ashek said. Ashek made this comment without seeing the girl well from a distance. But as the girl approached, he jumped. Don't tone dude. This is my student's elder sister. - Is that so? Is there something wrong with the uncle? -Dur Shala I didn't talk to him. - What class do you read? -means class? Two years younger than us. Honors First Year. Ashek paused and said again, once there was a funny incident with that girl. -What was happening? No Shala! - One day I was teaching students. Students, I teach them in the drawing room. That girl was walking around. I was watching Terraya Terraya. Suddenly I heard and said, Salama Laikum. I quickly replied, Walaikum Assalam. Then I looked carefully and saw that the girl did not greet me. Someone else gave it to the mobile phone. What a shame. Looking at the student, I saw a scorpion smiling. -Ha ha ha Rajiv couldn't hold back his smile. Tuition is very fun. But I think it is more comfortable to teach a student than a student. -H Aram toh hoiboi...If Laiga goes...Princess plus kingdom! Suddenly someone said, that Rajibba call! Take that Rajibba call! Rajiv quickly took out his mobile phone from his pocket. Ashek asked in surprise, what kind of ringtone is this again? -Exclusive tones! Wait and take the call. Rajiv receives the call. Yes brother says...well ok...I am coming now. Rajiv cut the line and said, "Dude, Mintu bhai calls this. I have to go now. come on drawing room The fan was not running because it was winter. Rajib-Ashek are sitting on the sofa on one side of the room, Mintu bhai is on the other side. He told Rajiv that this is my sister's house. This is where you have to teach. Your student is in inter-first year. A bit fickle. You have to teach with patience and care. can you - Yes brother, I can. - Well, you sit down. I'm coming soon. Ashek said as soon as Mintu Bhai entered the house, is the student not a friend? - I don't know! Maybe it will burn. Is there a female student in my destiny? Rajiv let out a sigh. Seeing a teenager peeping from inside, Ashek said, I think this is your student. - Maybe. After a while all the speculation ended. Mintu bhai said, Rajiv, This is your student. - Oh well. what is your name -Lucy. Within a few days, Rajiv's student teaching was completed. The student does not want to listen to him. If Rajiv says, go right. He wants to go left. If it says, write it down. He says no sir read. Rajiv also wants to test Lucy a couple of times. But could not. How can you? For those who do not want to read, the exam is as unimportant as the fourth subject! One day while teaching, Rajib said, Well, Lucy, which subject do you like to read the most? -Sir, I don't like to read anything. - Why? - I don't know, sir. - Well, do you not understand my teaching? - I understand, sir. - Then why not read? - I didn't say sir, I don't like it, that's why. - Then tell me what can be done? - I don't know, sir. - Well what do you do all day? What do you mean? - I mean don't study. How to pass the time? - I don't do anything sir. - I'm in big trouble! Well tell me what to do? What do you do with you? I will do whatever you say. -No, no sir. You have nothing to do with me. It is twelve o'clock in the night. It's quite cold. But there was not much fog. I want to be inside the coating all the time. Rajiv was lying down in the sheets. His roommate Russell had already fallen asleep. Suddenly heard, that Rajibba pick up the call. Call that Rajibba. Hello Salama Laikum. hello No response. Rajib said again, hello, hello. the spirit Annoyed, Rajiv was about to cut the line. But couldn't. Suddenly the mobile phone started talking. It's a woman's voice! hello Are you bored or not? Actually I was testing your patience by staying silent. - Is that so! But who are you to take my test? - Is it very important to know who I am? - Yes, it's important. I don't talk to strangers. - Well now we are strangers, I will get to know you soon. Moreover, if you don't talk, what can be known? - Yes, that's not right. So who are you? Why did you call me? Where did you get my number? -Slowly, father, slowly. So many questions! It cannot be answered at once. Give slowly. 

You must understand by hearing my voice that I am a girl. My name is... The line was cut before the name was spoken. Rajiv quickly called the girl back. But to no avail. Every time he called, he got the answer, your desired number is now unreachable. Please try again later. Lucy has an exam today. Rajiv, however, maintains that he will not take the exam. But if he fails the test by mistake, it will be a 'sun rises in the west' type of event! Rajiv asked as Lucy sat down, today is the exam, right? Surely all has been read? Lucy replied, her face darkening. No sir, nothing happened. - Why? What happened? Was the body bad? - No sir. There were more important problems than bad health. So inevitably there will be no exam today. -What are you talking about? - Sir, there was a strike today. - What's in it? -Sir, usually everything is closed during the strike, so my studies were also closed. Rajiv didn't know what to say. Now a saying he had learned as a child began to spin in his mind, 'Mair's name is Lakshikant, ghosts run away.' Lucy can't die anymore. Light punishment may be given. This girl, stand up, I'm saying. Rajiv's sudden stern voice scared Lucy a little. He quickly stood up. - Listen up. - Yes sir? -I told you to listen. hold on I'm telling you. Lucy obliged. Now stand up. At night, Rajiv went to bed a little hastily. Class tomorrow morning at eight o'clock. So you have to get up first. But he couldn't sleep. Once tilted to the right, He turned left again and began to pass his time. Suddenly the mobile rang. This is the number of the girl who didn't say her name last night. -Hello, how are you? Rajiv said. - Yes, I'm fine. how are you - Not very good. In fact, I feel very bad today. - What is the cause of upset? In love or not? - Oh no. Nothing like that. That's why I scolded the student. Actually a little bit too much. It was not right to do so much. Wow, you have great enthusiasm for students! Surely your student is a beautiful girl? - Yes, girl. But I can't say whether it's beautiful. Never seen it that way. - Well, then come and tell me. I said no. Now say your name. - That's why my name was not mentioned. My name is... The line was cut again. Rajiv called back again. Heard again, your desired number cannot be connected now... . The girl calls Rajiv often now. Gradually a kind of friendship developed between them. The address descends from 'you' to 'you'. Slowly their talking time also increased...five minutes...ten minutes...half an hour...an hour.... Now sometimes Rajiv also calls. talk But the old problem still remains. The girl does not say her name. When you ask for the name, the line hangs up. Then turns off the set. Hello Rajiv, what are you doing? - Nothing. I was listening to music. -What song? Love made me a beggar, made you a queen... -Sudden love song? Are you in love with someone? - I am in love. - Whose? -Who again! yours - Mine! - Yes, yours. -Give proof. -You cut the line when you ask for this name. Yet I have been patiently talking to you for hours without getting angry. Isn't it love? - What do you know! Well tell me what is love? -Actually, love is different in everyone's eyes. Take for example my friend Sarwar. Her love is one date every month. - Why? - Because this day and tuition money. Ha ha ha - You are kidding. But I asked seriously. -Seriously? - Yes, seriously. - Then not today, I will say February 14. - Can you tell face to face? - Yes, I can. I can do offcourse. Tell me where, when. Please, please, please say, please don't say this. - At Pizza Hut. Four o'clock in the afternoon. -Okay. But how do I know you? Don't say your name today p-l-l-z. - Yes, that's right. My name is... The line was cut as usual. But Rajiv's mind did not cut the line. It is as if the land of the mind started to expand with new pillars! Rajiv couldn't have imagined that he would come here today and meet Lucy. Seeing Rajiv, Lucy said, Salama Laikum sir. Sir are you here? - Yes, I mean, a friend of mine will come here. So? - Oh well. -But you? - Sir, I also have a friend. come sir -Okay. Lucy is wearing a saree today. Looks pretty nice. Looks very full. He doesn't feel so big at home. In fact, everything is the contribution of the saree. But why is he not coming? Rajiv tried several times on the mobile. But his set is off. What can be done? The name is unknown, the face is also unknown. How does that sound like the definition of love? Rajiv looks at the clock. It's almost five o'clock. Dhyat does not feel good. Will you leave? Thinking, Rajiv came to the road and stood. Cars come, cars go. People come, go home. Only he doesn't come. Let's try one last time. If it fails, I will leave. Rajiv takes mobile. Yes, it's ringing now. hello, hello - Yes, say hello. - Where are you? - This is near. - How can I recognize you in such a crowd? - You can recognize it when you see it. -Whose name I don't know, how can I recognize him? - Oh name! ok listen My name is Lucy. -Loo-Lucy! Rajiv felt that someone was standing behind him. He turned to see Lucy, mobile set in hand. You! Rajiv's eyes and face were filled with all the wonders of the world. - Yes, I am. Happy Valentine! -Oh...yeah...Happy Valentine's! U

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