Long Distance Relationship - A Romantic Love Story

came to Facebook today after a long time. Who are all of them bro? They don't have anything to do all day long. They post ten times a day. I can't even post one post a month. And they are all,,,well what happens if there is no work,,but I seem to be a very busy person,,ha ha ha (I laughed while saying this in my mind). 

I can see that many requests have been submitted. Of course, it happens every day, but today it seems a little more,,,,,, because today I came to Facebook after a long time,,,,. Let's see who you are bro, you have given so many requests, suddenly I went to an ID and my eyes got stuck. Damn, the mood got bad,, and if I will keep this brother profile locked, then why did I give the request,,,,? 

I don't like it, even when I entered it, I got hot, after several days, I didn't think that if I accept it, then I can have a little fight,,, whoever thinks, does it.,,, It has been two days today, but I can't come online, brother, I have accepted an ID that doesn't come online, suddenly, I see that he has come online, but he doesn't knock, bro, what happened before? I have to knock, daughter of a father, who is a stick higher than me,,,,. Suddenly I see,,, Assalamu Alaikum,,, Alaikum Assalam,,,Who are you,,,? From the other side,,, why,,, man,,, hmm, I understand that, but what is your name,,,? 

Hearing my name will not do you any good,,,so,,,,you don't have to listen to him,,I wonder how you know that this will be useful or not brother,,,Oi Oi,,,,I am your brother Hmmm, how am I your brother? And you didn't tell me your name, then how can I understand that you are doing this to me repeatedly but it will not be good? , what do you mean,,,,?? And this fat head means, My name is Anu,, and hearing this brother's name, I got a crush,,(I said to myself) Well, your name is very beautiful,,, I did not ask you to praise me,,, what people, Mairi,, people are happy when you praise me. Either way, it's the other way around,,,, is this a girl or something else, brother

Is this a girl or something else bro,,, (I said to myself) well, don't you know that you have to give thanks when you appreciate,,,? And this brother, no one asked you to praise me,,,, hmm, I understand,,, a coriander,,,, well,,,, I win,,,,, so what should I do,,, why are you telling me what should I know? I want to know who you are,,,, no actually I thought I should say so I said,,, sorry if you feel bad,,,,, it's ok,,,,, now then bye,,,,, ok bye,,, . It takes time like a day,,,,Anu Inter second year studies,,,whose college is there,,,but you can understand whether the study is good or not by listening to him,,,,

It's been a week today,,,I don't talk to Anu,,I don't know how she is doing,I don't know what happened suddenly,I don't understand anything about the girl,,,,I didn't come online once for a week and she has no mobile number. I didn't want to,,,If I had known this would happen before, I wouldn't have made this mistake. In fact, I was so busy talking to Anu that I was too busy to dial her number. ,, now I will go crazy,,,thinking,,,,,,, Uffff,,,, well, does Anu love anyone, she never told me that she is having a relationship with any boy,,, I also never said anything to Anu about this. 

Didn't want to know,,,,Well, if it's really like that, if it's really good for someone,,,,? Then what will happen to me, I have fallen in love with Anu,,,,then will Anu go away from me,,,?? No, what is happening to me,,,, why am I thinking about these things,,,, ?? In fact, it is true that I only talked to Anu for a few days,,,and again, on Facebook nowadays, I have such a conversation with many people and it ends after a few days,,,but I know why I feel that I can ever forget Anu. No,,,,,I always remember Anu's words,,, Well, in these seven days, did Anu remember me even once,,,,?? Of course, maybe Anu is not in a situation to remember me,,,,,,so I don't remember,,,,,maybe there is someone else in Anu's life,,,,hmm, maybe because Anu looks very beautiful, she is also studying in college again. 

She can make love very well, now who is a modern girl,,,,Of course, Anu is so beautiful that there is no pride in her, it can be understood just by listening to her talk. I want to see, give me a picture, but at first I didn't agree to give it, then after talking slowly, after becoming friends, I gave it, so I saw it.

Aki Anu went online five minutes ago,,. It's strange that Anu came online,, but I didn't knock me once,, why Anu is doing this to me,,? So does Anu no longer want to talk to me,, have I done something wrong,,? But I don't remember anything like that I used to speak very well while talking to Anu which I never said to any girl before,,,,, Anyway, now I want to know from Anu why Anu is doing this to me,,,? ? All of a sudden,,,, what is the matter anu what happened please tell me,, why are you doing this to me,,??

Did I do this to you that you stopped talking to me,,? what happened anu please tell me,,,why you are not online for so long,,?where were you,?is your body ok,?hey anu is there any problem in your home,,?what happened anu why are you no contact for so long Don't do it with me, I couldn't get your mobile number to give you a hug. What do you mean, what are you saying? And why did you go to die,, did it happen that you wanted to end yourself for him,,,,? 

Tell me I want to know everything,, Anu,,, Yes you are right I am not right and what happened to any girl is right. Not supposed to stay!!

Jai,,,what happened to you that you went to kill yourself,,,anu,,you know jai i didn't know a human being could be so bad and dishonest,,jai,,i mean so what i was thinking anu Do you really love someone,(I started to think in my mind) then, ending all thoughts, Anu said,, Anu,, I never thought that Araf would do this to me, cheat me,, Hey, I love Araf more than myself, so why is he with me? Did that,,?? 

Jai,,,hmm, I thought it was right, I understand it already, so now I am surprised, but what happened that the boy hurt Anu, I didn't know that anyone can hurt a girl like Anu.,, ,jai,,what happened anu and you never told me that you love someone,,anu,,,,,actually it was not said like that,,,i loved aaraf very much we had a relationship of three years in these three years i was never out of aaraf's words. When he did not go, I listened to everything he said.

Still everyone reads but I can't understand that crazy girl, not a single word was said,,,in these last six months I have fallen in love with Anu more than myself, but I loved her from the beginning but for Araf I wanted to remove myself but Araf My love has hurt me and that's why I will keep my love from now on, but even today I have not told Anu about my love because I am afraid of what Anu will say, but no matter what happens, I will always be by Anu's side. 

I will always wait for Anu. I will never tell my heart to Anu on my own. I know Anu herself will understand one day. Maybe someday Anu will love me. I will just wait for that day. If my love is true, Anu will love me one day. In these six months, I felt Anu in a vision. I understand. I am empty without Anuk,,,,,,,,,,,,

Suddenly I was disturbed by the sound of ringing on the phone, I was sleepy, I took the phone in my hand and saw Anu's name appeared on the phone screen, while answering the phone, from the other side, Anu, you are still sleeping, get up now, hurry up, Joy, why what happened now, what is the night, why should I get up now? Please sleep a little, Anu, what he said, it's night now, don't go, first get up, freshen up, go to Fajr prayer, Joy, now I don't want to get up, Anu, don't want to get up, he doesn't have to get up, I'm keeping Joy, listen, listen,

 I I'm getting up now and going to offer namaz too please don't be angry Anu, ok go and I will also offer namaz Joy, okay bye I hung up the phone and went to namaz after finishing namaz and came home after seeing me coming from outside so early in the morning. Mom is surprised, Mom, where did you go so early in the morning? I went to pray, Mom, what are you saying?What's wrong with not being in the right mind mom, mom, I mean, the boy who doesn't wake up before ten o'clock or the boy who got up early in the morning to pray, I can't think, what's wrong mom, tell me with your own eyes what's wrong with not being able to think. 

So when I saw it, I prayed, mom, I saw it, I still can't believe my eyes.Stay you don't need to believe anymore I turned around you prepared breakfast and called me saying that I came to my room and fell asleep again and thinking about Sue Sue Anu is the girl slowly starting to love me now she cares more about me than before He called me many times, asking me what I am doing, 

am I eating properly or not. Now sometimes if I do something wrong, he scolds me very much. Again, he is proud of me. He shows a lot of rights. What's going on inside? Don't tell me. Really, a crazy girl. Anu, really, will Anu be mine? In my life, I won't want anything else in the world. Called again, I called back Anu, what should I do now?

I called back Anu, what are you doing? I called many times now, but it was Joy, I was having breakfast and the phone was in the room, so I didn't understand. Have you had breakfast? Anu, no now I didn't do it now Joy, oh well go have breakfast quickly and I will call you from market now bye Anu, ok bye after talking I hung up the phone I went out to market after market I came home fresh I called Anu,

 after ringing twice, the phone was answered, Joy, what are you doing now, Anu, I am cooking lunch, Joy, why are you cooking, where is mom? Anu, mom has gone to Nana's house for a while to see if Nana's health is bad, Jay, oh well why didn't you go Anu, when I go, who will stay at home and who will cook for dad, so I am at home Jay, oh well, I understand, then you can cook. anu,

I went to the school ground, then I saw my younger brothers playing cricket. They came to me and said, brother, after a long time, you came to the field to play. Then it was evening after the game was over. Then I prayed and came home. Mom, where were you all this time? 

I said everything then mom said sit down I made tea and then mom brought tea and mom and I are drinking tea and watching TV I finished tea and came to room and mom went to cook dinner then came to room and sat to read then went to pray Isha prayer I came home and asked my mother to give me food, then mother gave me dinner, I and father sat down to eat, then we talked about something for a while, then father and I finished eating, came to the room and started pressing the phone, suddenly I looked at the clock and saw 10.45 o'clock it's been a long night, why didn't you talk to Anu, what's the madman doing, he was alone at home today, what's he doing now, who knows how I forgot to call Anu, Anu himself didn't call me, Anu is fine, madman. Why is she angry with me? 

I'm not too. How did I forget to call Anu? She's crazy. If she's angry now, how can I break her anger? I'll see what she says. The ring is ringing and I gave it again. Now it is received. After ringing 13 times, there is no word from the other side. From this side, I am Jai, Anu, what are you doing now, did you sleep so late when you picked up the phone, there is no word, what happened Anu, talk to me. Have you eaten at night, has Anu Ammu come home?

What happened Anu please talk to me she is silent not answering anything I know you are very angry with me that's why you are not talking to me look crazy please don't be angry please look sorry I am listening before the conversation ends from the other side There was a sound of muffled crying and I realized that Anu was crying. I got a bit scared that what happened suddenly, why is Anu crying like this? The crying increased then I asked,,

Why is Anu crying and not telling me anything? I asked Anu did you burn your hand while cooking in the afternoon? What happened please tell me then Anu's cry increased more and more I was scared like Riti why is Anu doing this what happened the madman is not telling me anything you are proud of me not so much then I heard from the other side Anu please win you Please don't ever leave me the madman is crying loudly saying this I'm so surprised I don't understand what you're saying Anu told me this I can't believe it Anu you haven't looked for me since that afternoon You know I'm totally Alone at home, I am very scared, Jay, what do you say, alone means where has everyone gone, Anu.

Hearing Anu's words seems to hold Anu tightly in my chest and say that Anu as long as I breathe I will not leave you anywhere today I feel very good today my beloved has started loving me like this late at night Then I realized that Anur was getting some sleep now and the rain and storm had stopped so Anu told me to sleep and I fell asleep because I didn't sleep well in the night. I freshened up and had breakfast then came to the room and called Anu Joy, what are you doing now Anu, here I am sitting watching TV Joy, well when did you wake up Anu, this is around 7 o'clock Joy, oh father why did you get up so early in the morning? Anu, hmm, mom is not at home, so I had to get up early, Jay, and that's why you had breakfast, honey, Anu, hmm, did you,,? victory,

I sat on the roof and then I talked to Anu. A week passed like this. Today I will go to the match. It is 4 o'clock in the afternoon. I spent the whole day at home with my father and mother. My sister has also come. I will leave. I will meet the bus, I packed my bag with Jama Kapoor and some books and mom gave me some food to eat at night, I came out with everything, mom is crying. I got on the bus and sat on my seat, then left the car and father left. I know father is suffering a lot but like everyone else I can't say it. After I leave, only father and mother will go home. His father-in-law's house is quiet. They won't spend time. If I had, I would have been thinking about this all the time, I felt like I was getting into the car, but Anu was not informed.

I told Anu on the phone, Anu told me to go carefully and when I reached, I told Anu, so I ended the conversation and hung up the phone for me to reach 2.It will take about 45 minutes. I called the match tomorrow night and told them that I will get to the match today, so let everything be fixed. After a while, I got off the bus and took a rickshaw and reached my match. I went inside with my bag. As soon as I entered the room, Akash came towards me. 

Akash is my roommate, my friend. We read together. He took the bag from me and put it in the room and hugged me and after talking to him I got fresh and went to bed after shaking the bed a bit and I slept in a separate bed from Akash and mine then I called home and informed that I have reached my mother so upset. After talking to mom I put the phone down and then called Anu and informed that I have reached AnuHe told me that I should not go out too much so that I don't get into trouble with anyone, then I finished talking and went to sleep

In this way the day passed then it was time for exam and after 3 days my exam will start pretty well preparation is good in the evening my teacher Anu called me and said tomorrow is her cousin's wedding so everyone will go there so she is telling me in advance I told her to go. I can't go if I say no, but I really don't want Anu to go to that wedding because there will be many people in the wedding house, I can't say who will notice and Anu can see my Anu on me Masha Allah, she is very beautiful, 

so she is very afraid, but if I now Anu If I stop Anu from going, Anu will be upset and I can't handle Anu's upset, so I didn't stop Anu, I gave permission, but I made a condition that if I want to go, I will have to wear a veil and cover my face. At first, Anu didn't agree, then I agreed. After that, I finished talking, I finished reading, after that, after eating at night, I went to sleep, and in the morning I woke up after hearing the call to Fajr and praying.I sat down to read again and the whole day passed like this and I didn't talk much with Anu that afternoon we had a little talk today Maharani will be very busy at the wedding house, she has already told me so I am not bothering her by calling again and again, let the crazy girl have some fun. 

Now it's 4 o'clock in the night, now Maharani remembers me, so she called me, so I didn't pick up the phone, after ringing several times, I answered the phone, but I spoke with anger and some insults. I am proud, so I am trying to get rid of my anger in various ways. I felt very good about it. After some time, I laughed at the madman's madness because I can't stay angry with this madman for long. As if I surfed the net and then talked to the madman for a while and asked the madman to sleep, cut the phone and surfed the net and saw many pictures sent by his wife.A girl and a girl sitting next to her wearing a burqa. Hmm, this girl is my Anu. I was very happy to see my crazy picture. ,,

My exam starts from today I woke up in the morning after having breakfast I messaged Anu that I am going to take the exam then I went out to take the exam there was a girl sitting on the stool next to me her name is Mithila then I got to know her then I said Kara To say, sir came with the book and questions, then I started to take the exam in silence like everyone else. 

Today the first exam was very good. Mithila said it was good. Then after finishing the exam, Mithila and I left the college while talking. Mithila took a rickshaw and left. I also came with a rickshaw, then I came to the match, freshened up, finished eating, slept a little, then I called my mother, and after I called Anu, I said that the exam went well, and I talked a lot more, after that I hung up and slept. Thus the Piraya exam is over and there is one more exam left to talk to Anu this afternoonAt that time Anu was very upset. When I asked Anu why he was upset, he said that tomorrow, Anu's father will come to see Anu or Anu's son. Gale is afraid that I won't lose Anu, 

then I made myself strong and convinced Anu that it looks like marriage is not possible anymore. Anu got some courage after hearing my words, but I was still afraid. I can't concentrate on studying, I'm worrying a lot, I don't know how tomorrow's exam will be, then I read and slept a little. I woke up in the morning and called Anu and told her not to worry too much and I will come to take the exam and call her again. 

I came to the room and quickly called Anu but Anu did not pick up the phone.After that I freshened up and ate a little. Today the exam is over. So I went out in the afternoon. Then in the evening I came to the room. After some time, Anu called me. I picked up the phone and asked what happened. ,,,

Anu with tears in her throat said to me Jai I want you I can't live without you then I said what happened to the boy who came to see you Anu said the boy is working in army and their condition is very good so father agreed then I said Anu Who said to Anu I am not able to complete my studies now I am unemployed will your father hand you over to me can you survive my unemployment by becoming my life partner then Anu said yes I am Barbo I only want you please do something Jai I then Anu I said, 

then give me your father's phone number and I will talk to him and see if I can convince him. Then Anu gave me the number. I immediately called him and then he picked up the phone. But he did not try to understand my words, on the contrary, after hearing his words, I felt that Anu would pressure him

He cut my phone I called Anu immediately Anu answered I told Anu everything Anu I could not convince your father no matter how much I tried he didn't listen to me Go what will I do now tell me Anu what you tell me to do now I will do it I can't live without you Anu I really can't Anu You are my breath Tell me how will I survive Without you Anu How will I survive if you belong to someone else Tell me Anu Tell me Anu Before you belong to someone else tell me I How can I breathe and this is Anu, you are my oxygen, why don't you understand,

 I can't stay a moment without you, I am saying the words with tears in my chest, and Anu is just crying, Anu is tired of talking. The power is lost, suddenly there is a sound from the other side, the sound of Anu's cry is not heard, what happened Anu, why don't you speak?Please tell me what is the sound Anu is not saying anything meanwhile my worry increased what happened suddenly after some time someone is saying this quickly bring water Anu has turned his head and fainted I realized then the sound of the phone falling from Anu's hand and Anu fainted I couldn't say anything because it was done. 

Suddenly the phone was cut. I realized that someone took the phone and he cut the phone. So I didn't answer the phone. Thinking that I will talk later, I left the phone on the bed and sat on the floor. Today, my eyes are like a fountain. The tears are falling in the eyes of the boys, or the water is not enough. No matter how hard the boys are, they have to be strong, but why can't I stay strong, why can't I hold back the tears, I can't think about it. 

Talked to mom mom says to go home exam is over so I told mom I will go after few days moreI said something and put the phone down. When I go home, mom will understand everything by seeing my face and mom and dad will worry a lot. I don't want them to have any problem for me, so I told mom that I won't go home now. 

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