Things To Keep In Mind While Typing On The Computer

Typing has become an important skill in today's technological world. Typing at a good speed on the computer can save you a lot of time. A study found that by increasing the speed of typing it is possible to save at least 21 days a year!

However, increasing typing speed is not an easy task. Many of us dream of being able to type as fast as we see someone typing. But no one can type like this in the beginning. Speed ​​can only be increased through repeated practice.

When it comes to typing on a computer, there are several things you need to get right. Speeding up becomes difficult if you don't type in a certain way. So it is important to be careful about certain things in typing. Today in this post we will discuss about things to be careful while typing on computer.

1. Correct space for typing

If you want to type well on the computer, the first thing you need is a proper space. You may have to type for long periods of time. So need a comfortable place. Be sure to use the table for typing. If the surrounding environment is clean and quiet, typing will be comfortable. Typing with your laptop on your lap will feel awkward and slow typing. So choosing a right place is important.

2. keep seat

Correct posture is very important when typing on a computer. Not sitting straight while typing can slow down your typing speed. Make sure to sit in a comfortable position at the table so that your hands can easily reach the keyboard. There should be enough space on the table so that your hands don't hang down. It can easily hurt hands. So you should pay attention to these aspects.

3. Remember the keyboard layout well

The layout used for computer typing is called QWERTY layout. Keyboards are not arranged in normal English letter order. So it is important for those who are new to typing to be careful about this. Otherwise it will be difficult to find the key. Gradually become familiar with which keys represent which letters. You need to remember them without looking at the keyboard if you want to type faster.

4. Typing correctly

You can type any way you type for everyday tasks. But if typing is required for job or professional life then typing needs to be learned in a specific manner. You will find many guides on the internet. There are many free software that can teach you how to type correctly. Try pressing specific keys with specific fingers while keeping the finger position correct. This will gradually get your fingers used to typing. Your typing will be fast and accurate. site can be a great tool for typing practice and speed test.

5. Paying attention to caps lock and number lock

Caps Lock and Number Lock are two very important keys. Many a times while typing password we leave caps lock key on which results in typing capital letter and wrong password. So always keep an eye on caps lock key whenever you go to type anything. Similarly, the number lock should be taken care of.

6. Taking care of the keyboard

While typing, it is important to always keep the space between the keys of the keyboard clean so that dust and dirt do not accumulate. Various keys may not function properly if dirt accumulates. Usually you get used to the way a key works when you press it.

So, if the dirt accumulates under the keys, even if you press them hard, you will not be able to input the characters correctly, then you will have a lot of trouble in typing. There will be too many typos. Similarly, it is better not to sit with liquid food. Tea, coffee etc. can get into the keyboard and short circuit the keyboard. Then there may be problems like taking input on the keyboard alone.

7. Don't look at your hands while typing

Practice not looking at your hand while typing. Looking at the hands makes it difficult to catch any mistakes. It also hinders the improvement of your typing speed. Always try to type without looking and be aware of what you are writing by looking at the screen. The speed will slow down for the first few days, but the speed will gradually increase.

8. Adjusting the position of the keyboard if you feel pain in your hands

Sometimes typing for a long time can cause hand pain. It is called carpal tunnel syndrome in English. Doing the same thing over and over again can cause this pain in certain organs. If you feel pain like this, it is important to change the place of the keyboard. Apart from this, it is necessary to fix the seat, the distance of the chair from the table. If you are careful in these aspects, this pain will gradually decrease. You will also find comfort in typing.

There is no substitute for practice to gain speed and comfort typing on a computer. It is important to type in a position that is comfortable for you. Everyone may have a different style of comfort. So it is important to find your comfort zone without following others. 

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