What is Javascript? Why learn JavaScript? What can be done with JavaScript?

Hello friends, how are you? Hope you are doing well. Nowadays many people want to learn web development. Or many others are learning. But many of them have questions in their minds, why learn JavaScript? I can learn PHP if I want. Or learn Python. What would be the benefit if I learn javascript though? Or what kind of work can I do with javascript? Today we will discuss about what kind of demand JavaScript will have in the future.

What is javascript?

What is JavaScript JavaScript is a programming language. JavaScript is currently the number one programming language. Many people will say that Python is number one. Hopefully then JavaScript is the number one programming language.

Why Learn JavaScript?

Let me give you a small answer to the question of why you should learn JavaScript. It is because JavaScript is the number one language in the world, so why not learn it? If you want to become a web developer or designer then you must learn JavaScript. When you create a web site design, you must add animation to your web site. You have to use javascript for that. As a designer you must know javascript because there is no better or no other option for designing. But if you are a developer you may or may not want to learn JavaScript. Because you have more options for development.

What can be done with javascript?

Now let's know what we can do with JavaScript. Before that, let's know what can be done with any other programming language? If we learn PHP then we can do nothing but web development. Also, I can't create any kind of single web site or one page web site. But nowadays everyone wants the website to be a single page application. If it turns out that currently the client wants one and you are giving them the other, then you will not be able to survive in the market for long. Now let's see what we can do with javascript. Below is a short list.

Can design web sites
You can create single page applications
Can do web site development
Can create mobile applications
Can create desktop software

Looking at other languages, it is seen that the language is used for only one or two tasks. Or they only have the ability to do one or two things. But with JavaScript you can do five things. Four to five languages ​​were used to do the work that was seen before. There you can work in four or five languages ​​by learning only one language $ javascript.

1. Web site design

Web site design currently means single page application so I will not say more here. By learning the topics that I will discuss below, you will be able to design a website.

2. Single page application

What does single page application mean? Single page application means that web sites work like mobile apps. No browser refreshes. There are three popular libraries or frameworks for building single page applications.

3. React JS

React is called a library by many and a framework by others. React is a small library. Using it you can create any kind of small or big web site. And that web site will be single page application. Another example of how large a website you can build with React JS is Facebook. Facebook is built with React. React JS library is originally developed by Facebook company.

4. Angular JS

It is another popular JavaScript framework. which is used for front end. It gives us Google. You can also create a lot of awesome websites using this framework.

5. Vue JS

This framework is mostly used with Laravel. If you search youtube to learn ViewJS most people will teach you how to use ViewJS with Laravel.

6. Web site development

Node JS is most popular for web site development. In fact, JavaScript has changed so much since Node JS came out. NodeJS is the JavaScript runtime. So it's not a library or framework. Using NodeJS you can develop websites much better than PHP. Nowadays most people who already have a website but develop it with PHP are mostly doing it with NodeJS.

7. Mobile application

A few years ago it would have been unimaginable to use JavaScript anywhere other than the front end. But now you can create high level mobile apps with JavaScript. Again you can use the same app on both Android and iPhone. For that you need to learn another JavaScript library React Native. If you've learned React, it won't take you long to learn React Native. Because React and React Native are almost same with few changes.

8. Desktop software

Is it possible to create desktop software with JavaScript? Hmmm can be thought of at present. Because JavaScript is now a high level language. Through which multiple tasks can now be done. If you want to build desktop software with JavaScript, you need to learn the Electron framework. And if you create any software through this framework then you can use it on cross platform. That means Windows Mac Linux can be used everywhere.

What will be the demand of JavaScript in the future?

The demand for JavaScript in the future will be very good in my opinion. Because there is still no language that offers so many benefits at the same time. Or being used in so many ways. It is not foolish to leave one language behind and another language will advance. It will take a long time. So you can learn JavaScript with confidence.

Now if you are wondering where to learn javascript then visit my profile. If you go there, you can read a tune about web development guidelines. Then you can know in detail where to learn JavaScript. So for today till now Allah Hafez.

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