How To Move or Transfer Blogger Site to WordPress?

There is no dispute that Blogger or Blogspot is the most popular blogging platform among all the blogging platforms available on the internet. because,

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You will not find any alternative blogging platform to Blogger or Blogspot. So most people start their first blog site with Blogger.

But despite having all these benefits, Blogger has several limitations or difficulties, so many people prefer WordPress instead of Blogger.

Some people start with Blogger, but later they want to come to WordPress, and many people transfer completely.

Why move or transfer Blogger sites to WordPress sites?

1. In Blogger you get few preloaded themes which don't look very good along with no customization options.

And if you want to download or buy a theme from a third party site or store, then theme customization becomes difficult unless you have knowledge of coding.

2. Even if you get free hosting from Blogger, it is not completely under your control, if you violate any policy, your site may be deactivated from Blogger without any prior notice to you.

3. SEO on wordpress site is much easier than SEO on blogger site. A WordPress content can rank faster than Blogger content.

4. If the loading speed of Blogger website is slow or low it becomes quite difficult to improve it especially for those who are not experienced with html.

5. Blogger has very little or no chance of customizing or modifying your site. On the other hand, you can extend and modify each one as you wish with the help of various plugins in WordPress.

In other words, the freedom of blogging that you get by opening your own self-hosted blog site from WordPress is not available from Blogger sites in any way.

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