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Not many of us are lucky enough to have an older brother.

But then again some of us are very lucky to have an elder brother who is always our pillar of strength and support.

A very strong and supportive person, he is our elder brother. Let's check out some of the best elder brother statuses to strengthen our bond of brotherhood.

Status about elder brother:

#1. Big brother is our first friend and second father .

#2. My elder brother is my 'role model'.

#3. I hate that I don't get to see my big brother every day.

#4. Big pain in big heart, that's my big brother.

#5. My protector and my guide have become one – my elder brother.

#6. I won't let my big brother do something stupid… alone😛

#7. My elder brother is not perfect (of course, because I am perfect :P), but I sure love my elder brother a lot!

#8. No one showed me the way except you, I love you big brother!

#9. Big brother is always watching.

#10. Dear Big Brother, I feel strong and safe with you. Even the biggest stone, shoulder to shoulder, cannot knock down our two brothers. i love you…

#11. You learn more about life by watching 'Big Brother' than by reading a book.

#12. The best thing about having four older brothers is that you always have someone to do something with😛

#13. Dear Big Brother, Thanks for giving your little sister great advice that helped her take small steps towards big goals in life.

#14. I am a lucky person because I have the most beautiful elder brother in the world.

#15. My elder brother is my best guardian.

#16. Big brother is the best friend we can ever have.

#17. I'm not afraid of anything when my big brother is by my side!

#18. My elder brother is my heartbeat .

#19. I am very blessed to have a special big brother .

#20. Life is nothing without big brother .

#21. Do you know which is the world's most sticky glue? What we have between us. I love you so much , dear big brother.

#22. You never feel lonely when you have big brothers in your life , right?

#23. No treasure compares to the love of an elder brother .

#24. Who needs a superhero when you have an amazing big brother standing by to always support you.

#25. My childhood photo frame wouldn't be perfect if it didn't contain the biggest strength in my life – my older brother.

#26. There is no such thing as bad childhood memories in my life because I had an elder brother who always saved me from quarrels.

#27. Dear elder brother… Many people have come and gone in my life. But you always stood by me. Through all the crooked roads of life, your embrace gave me a new energy. I will always be grateful to you!

#28. My childhood memories would have been a dark night if it wasn't for an elder brother like you. Thank you very, very much for the love and everything the fatherly big brother who was the sun that lit up my life!

#29. Even if the younger brother or sister does not say anything, the elder brother understands everything. This strange power resides in older brothers!

#30. When we fight, we may fight like the worst enemy. But when we unite, we become a mighty warrior like no other. Thanks for all your love and compassion for me, dear big brother!

#31. Nothing can stop me from loving my elder brother.

#32. I am very safe person because my elder brother is my bodyguard.

#33. Happiness means meeting elder brother after a long time.

#34. If I could pick the best big brother, I would pick you!

#35. Only an elder brother can love like a father, bother like a sister, care like a mother and support like a friend. Thanks big brother!

A few words about elder brother:
A younger brother or sister always has an older brother as a hero.

Maybe most of you looked up to your older brother as a child. Most of you younger ones would try to get good grades from their older brothers.

Although you may have fought at times, it didn't take long to get back together, right?

An elder brother-younger brother relationship or an elder brother-younger sister relationship is really great at a young age.

But time does not stop. As the family grows , various responsibilities pile up, then these relationships start to flake off...

Everyone starts their claim.

And in the middle of these demands, your real brotherly love is not lost somewhere?

Life is too short. Don't leave something that you will regret forever . Get along well with everyone as much as you can and this is our human life .

Yes I agree, many things happen in real life for which the thread of the relationship is not always the same.

But my point is, no matter what stage of life you are in, always maintain a good relationship with your elder brother.

My best wishes to you both. Wishing you a happy brotherly life. Always stay in hand and always have your big brother standing by your side!

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