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Looking for some great status about waiting ? Then you have come to the right place! Because in this blog post I am going to share some best status that you will love. So let's take a look!

 "Waiting is now lost, silence has become a habit."

"I will leave the waiting stream in my heart, I will leave the moisture of memory in my eyes, I will keep looking for me one day, I will leave the lack of a friend in your life..."

“ I kept waiting for him with a dream … the same way I kept loving an unfaithful…”

 "Eyes also question my eyelids , always remembering only you, waiting for you every hour until your face is seen!!"

 "The stone that was once a man today, wait!"

 “The sea itself shrinks, seems to wait incompletely…”

 “He needs his waiting and solitude . I laugh when I 'm tired , when I can't cry."

 "The situation says it is not possible to see, hope says we have to wait for a while."

 " Love has no waiting limits, somewhere in the morning and somewhere in the evening."

 " We wait for you with closed eyes, we do this crime again and again... !! "

 "Again I wrote on the line of fate waiting, then the darkness of that night and I alone..."

"What an effort… wake up every night at the sight of you…waiting for the morning..!"

 “One moment of love and years of waiting, like someone burglarizing one's home…”

"I look forward to the day you tell me you think about me all the time."

"Every minute seems like an hour, every hour seems like a day, every day seems like forever, but forever I'll wait for you."

"The worst feeling is not knowing whether to wait or give up."

 “It's hard to wait for something you know will never happen; But it becomes harder when you find out that's all you ever wanted."

"Good things happen to those who believe in waiting !"

 “Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in a drought …”

 “True love is.. being patient and waiting for the right moment to be together.”

 "After waiting, nothing hurts since I don't know what else I'm waiting for."

“Everyone says waiting is painful…but I say it's exciting…”

“I'm still waiting for something, looking for something I can't describe. It's called true love that most people don't find."

 "Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on what we are waiting for."

 "If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm, you will never enjoy the sunshine."

"I'll wait for you because I honestly don't want anyone else."

"When you wait for the right moment for the right person, everything will be perfect."

“Just because something isn't happening for you right now, doesn't mean it never will. Wait buddy !”

"I'm still waiting for my sunshine ."

 "One day my life will be enlightened, not for the morning, but for your return."

"Waiting for your love is like sunshine at night."

 “Nobody wants to wait forever…”

"I'm trying to forget you but I'm also waiting for you to come back."

"Waiting for the one you love is never easy – especially when the person you're waiting for doesn't know you're waiting."

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