Quotes Short About Real Life Alone Sad Status in English

You are the greatest achievement in life 
Why not, pride 
don't do

For ego and love 
Stay under one roof 
not possible

who gets everything without working hard, 
He becomes arrogant..!!

We are with the pride of others 
Compete with us 
Raise the ego...!!

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Is it you or your ego?

When misunderstandings increase 
Then your ego 
cut out 

Ego is man's greatest enemy.

The ego's function is to be without itself 
Kill everything.

More knowledge, less pride. 
Less knowledge, more pride.

Those who are wise are theirs 
Knows about self-esteem.

No one in this world is that much 
Not great for anyone 
You have to finish yourself.

Where there is no self-respect, 
That place is mine 
like a crematorium

Ego is often useless 
cause quarrels.

Ego doesn't let anyone rise.
Self-respect bows to no one 
does not allow

You burn like fire 
will be, and I 
I will bloom like a rose.

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