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Ego' is any relationship 
The only reason to destroy. 

A person full of ego and anger 
No enemy is needed.

Ego is human 
Relationships are also forgotten.

Never respect him,
That doesn't respect you 
It is not called ego.
It is called self-esteem.

Don't be a slave to your ego. 

Your anger and ego 
take control

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Ego and peace are both the same 
Can't stay in place.

Ego elimination is yours 
The beginning of a successful life.

Rather than being arrogant 
Bowing is a hundred times better.

Decisions made in ego 
Later regretted 
may be 

They are arrogant people 
Loses self-esteem.

Don't bring ego into your mind, 
Otherwise, even if you win, you will lose.

to your ego 
Before it kills you 
will kill

When the ego comes, 
To hear a person's truth 
There is no power.

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