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It is not unfair to compete; 
Jealousy during competition is wrong.

Envy is on the way to progress 
The biggest obstacle.

who has no power to do anything, 
He survives the path of violence.

Those who are satisfied find happiness in little, 
And the greedy see them 

A person in the moment 
Changed, in a fiery rage 

they don't know
What crime they are committing, see improvement 
They are burning with jealousy.

Don't laugh at someone's helplessness. 
Don't be jealous of someone's progress.

Jealousy is not a person's quality 
Who wins, rather it is such a one 
The virtue of the individual is defeat 

Jealousy clean your soul and 
White pollutes the mind.

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It is when violence and anger combine 
becomes a misdemeanor.

A seed of violence is yours 
100 Nirguna trees grow in

People dressed in hatred 
His real face is forgotten.

If you want to see 
How weak is a man, 
Look at how many people he is 


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