Easily Make YouTube Intro Without any Software

Nowadays there has come a time when everyone wants to be a YouTuber. There is no problem if you want to become a YouTuber. But the problem is when creating a video and want to use a good quality intro in that video. Creating a good intro requires a good understanding of video editing. Which is not known to everyone. 

Due to which many people cannot give a good quality intro to their video. Today's tune is done keeping in mind those who have such problems. In today's tune, I will show you how you can create an intro for your video without any software. Not only without software but also without any money to create your intro. That means you can create intro for free. So without further ado let's get started.

We will need a website to create the intro. Which is called Panzoid. Click here to visit the website .

Here are some options like Trending Latest Top. These options have different intros. Somewhere is currently the most popular. Again, there are some popular ones of all time. Go to any option and select an intro of your choice and click on it. 

Here on the website you will only get intro and outro. Which you can see at the end of the video. One good thing about this website is that you will get everything made here. You just need to change it a bit. Then your desired intro will be done. After selecting intro and clicking you will see a page like below.

Once here, click on the Open in Clipmaker button below the intro.

If you have ever used any editing software, you will understand that its interface looks like editing software. This is where you need to customize your intro to your liking. We basically need to change the name in intro. Everything else will remain the same. Click on the four number option from the options on the sidebar to change the name given by them and give yours.

Here you will see options to change your text. You first click on the text. Then you will see a section below where the first box contains your text. You remove the text given by them from there and write yours and enter. Now you are done creating your intro. 

See how easy it is to make an intro. There are many settings you can change if you want. But we don't need it so we don't touch anything else. Let's say another thing here that the songs with intro are often not copyright free. So you will change the songs after saving the intro. Anyway let's see how to save the intro to your computer.

Click on the download icon in the sidebar. A download window will open in front of you. Keep the settings as they are here and click on the Start video render button.

Then your intro will start rendering. This will take some time. So wait. Once the rendering is complete, the intro will be saved to your computer.

So for today till now Allah Hafez.

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