3 Best Free Computer Screen Recorder Software

today I am here with another new tech article. Today we will know about 3 best free screen recording software with which you can record everything that comes on your computer.

We know that we need a screen recorder for various purposes such as making YouTube video tutorials, making guide videos for a blog site, recording gameplay and more. So if you also want to know a free but stable and good computer screen recording software for such work then definitely read the whole article.

Top 3 Free Computer Screen Recorders

1. OBS Studio

When it comes to free computer screen recording software, there is no way that OBS is not at the top. Because OBS is by far the best free screen recorder. But don't doubt it's free at all because even though it's free, Tabar Tabar Premium Screen Recorder can beat it. OBS Studio is a powerful and stable screen recording software that allows you to capture high quality screen. You can also live stream your computer screen or gameplay directly to Facebook, YouTube and Twitch and other streaming platforms.

The special features of OBS studio are:

  • High quality screen recording
  • High quality live streaming
  • Best at recording gameplay
  • Microphone and computer sound recording
  • Webcam recording support
  • No watermark and no time limit

2.  FlashBack Express

Our second free computer screen capture is FlashBack Express and what you can call OBS studio competitor softwareBecause you will get almost all the features of OBS studio in it. And where OBS is a bit difficult to use. There FlashBack Express is very easy to use or user friendly. You can easily use FlashBack Express even if you have no prior experience with screen recording software.

And if you purchase its premium version, you can also use inbuilt video editing and other tools or features.

Special features of FlashBack Express are:

  • Able to capture high quality screen and game play
  • Both computer sound and microphone can record sound
  • No time limit and watermark
  • Can save MP4, AVI, WMV files

3. Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

The last screen recording software on our list today is Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder and you might have guessed that it is an online screen recorder. Apowersoft is a browser based computer screen recorder that allows you to capture computer screen just like the above two software. Although it is not suitable for recording any gameplay, it is certainly admirable for tutorials, presentations, software documentation and general screen capture.

Special features of Apowersoft are:

  • High quality screen capturing with custom screen selection
  • Webcam recording
  • Both computer and microphone sound capture
  • No time limit and watermark
  • EC sharing option
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