How to make Your Smart Phone charge Faster

Here are some tips if you are interested in making your phone charge fast. To get started, make sure your phone has the strongest current at all times during charging. It also minimizes the power used by the mobile phone when charging. Also, make sure the phone is not too hot or too cold.

Here are some helpful tips to help you charge your smartphone faster

1. Plug your phone into the wall socket using an adaptor

You can charge your phone from a variety of sources, including your computer’s USB, wireless charger, power bank, and so on. However, we always recommend using the power bank adapter for charging. Most power banks charge at 10W (unless you have a fast-charging technology compatible with your phone), but the USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports charge 2.5W and 4.5W, respectively. It’s pretty slow.

2. Turn off your smartphone while charging

Turning off your smartphone while charging will make it charge faster than before. This makes power unavailable for continuous functionality and connections, and all power is supplied to the battery.

3. Do not use your smartphone while charging

One of the biggest power consumers on the phone is the screen. If you are waiting for an important call and cannot turn off the phone, leave it there while charging. Operating your phone while charging can also damage the battery cells.

4. Activate the airplane mode

Similar to your phone screen, your phone connection is another big reduction in battery reserve. If you really need to use the app while charging your smartphone, you need to put it in airplane mode. All updates you make or emails you write will be processed when you come online again, but in the meantime, your phone will load faster if it’s less.

5. Get a quality charging cord

The greater the current that the cable can carry, the faster the charging speed. If you are using a third-party cable or a poor-quality cable, your phone may charge slowly. The two wires of the cable determine the charging speed of the phone. A standard 28-meter wire carries about 0.5 amps, while a high-quality 24-meter wire carries 2 amps.

If the standard USB cable isn’t charging fast enough, get a new 24-meter cable. It may be more expensive, but the profits outweigh the costs.

6. Activate power saving mode and disable unnecessary features

Most phones have a built-in low or low power mode. If you have one phone, you can turn it on while charging. Power saving mode limits background processes and connectivity, reduces power consumption, and improves net upload speed.

You can also disable unwanted features such as Bluetooth, GPS location, Wifi, Wifi hotspots, mobile data and NFC to make charging even faster. Be careful not to use your mobile phone while charging.

 7. Disable optimized downloads

Does your phone have features such as optimized charging and smart? Optimized charging focuses on maintaining battery status by intelligently controlling and scheduling charging based on usage.

Therefore, you may have experienced why Android or iPhone takes too long to charge after a certain level or at a certain time. It’s good for the battery, but you can turn it off if you want to charge it quickly.

8. Avoid high temperatures

High temperature is bad for the battery. Overheating can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. Therefore, when the phone starts to get hot, it will automatically slow down the charging process and try to bring the temperature back to the optimum level.

Therefore, most fast-charging phones slow down when they get hot. Therefore, keep your smartphone at the ideal temperature for faster charging. Remove the device cover and store it in a well-ventilated place while charging.

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