5 Unique ways To Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

We all know that Instagram is a very powerful platform for brands and business owners, but as the app changes, it’s hard to keep up with what you should and shouldn’t do. After reading this article. I promise you, you; lI will have a clear idea on Instagram with a solid plan to start using. Instagram should be treated as a marketing tool and a whole part of your business plan, not a stand-alone way to build your business. Other important features of your funnel can be your website, an email list, and it can be monetized by affiliate links, a digital product, or your sales.

This approach to using Instagram as a marketing tool that can generate hundreds of potential customers each month is made up of the following five components:

1. Have a plan

The plan will direct all your efforts and make the result more productive. So the first thing I want you to do is to ask yourself what is your main goal with Instagram? * Suggestions * it shouldn’t be about growing followers. I want you to think bigger than that. The main reason is for you to get traffic to your website, build your email list, sell your product or service, decide what’s important to you and write it down. This will be your new inspiration when it comes to Instagram marketing. The creative content and all the captions you write will have this in addition to keeping the goal in mind.

 2. Knowing  your target market

Not sure who they are? Yes, you have work to do. Knowing who your target market is, is one of the most important elements in any business. Without this information, all the time you spend creating content, writing captions, choosing hashtags, and extracting your favorites and comments will all be wasted. Instagram can be a time-consuming platform, so you want to make sure everything you do is purposeful.

So what is a target market? it is someone who believes he/she will benefit from your content and your great offer. This will vary from person to person depending on what your business represents or what brand it is, however, it is very important that you write it out. Before you say yours is a 35-year-old woman and go to the next step, I want you to stop and dig deeper…Why? You are well aware that your target stores at Walmart compared to Gucci can make a huge difference in your content, the tone of your captions, and the way you purchase your products, which brings us to the third party.

3. Creating strategic content

Creating strategic content is by understanding who your target market is and everything about them. Making content becomes so much easier. Each photo you take and caption you write should speak directly to that person. It should provide value and offer a solution to that particular person’s problem. The idea here is that if we create content for a specific demographic, we’re going to naturally attract that person to our feed while them with our content. Because it sounds like it was made just for them and easily convert them into real paying customers. If we do the opposite and create random content with no real direction, were going to attract a mix of people that don’t end up taking the actions that we want. So to make sure that you’re consistently getting the right people to your feed, we need to implement part four.

4. Engage with your target audience

find and interact with your target market regularly. This is something that should be done every day and be lucky for you. It doesn’t have to be difficult, especially since you know exactly who your target market is, finding it on Instagram, will be a breeze. Another easy way is to think about Instagram accounts your target market may already be following.

 * HINT *Go to those accounts, click on one of their recent posts, and hit the “Like” button. This will open up a list of involved users who fall into your target market. From there, you can easily leave a few likes and comments on as many accounts if you have the time to do so. You will do this by sending those people a message and encouraging them to come to your feed. Generally, when someone likes or comments on your content, we immediately know who they are, right? Also, remember that we have created content that is tailored to them personally. So they will be amazed and prepared to take the next step in our quest.

 5. Encouraging meaningful activity

Encouraging meaningful activities is much more better and important than likes and followers more important actions are like website clicks, post shares, and DM asking about what you offer. So instead of posting a picture and hoping that you get more likes than last time, you should be using calls to action that ask your audience to do something that’s going to help your primary goal and send your audience to the next step to be taken.

For example: encouraging them to click the link in your bio to check out your website’s newest blog or latest offering, or asking them to send you a DM or email so you can chat with them one-on-one. These actions are so much more powerful than a like or follow and put you in a position to better build your trust factor. If you haven’t heard of this before, it’s what makes people come and buy from you. When someone is continually exposed to your content, has spoken to you one on one, and has received some sort of value from you, they begin to trust you. And a long-term connection can be built with every action they take on your account, the connection, support, and trust they have for you grows. And that puts them in a better position to invest in you than anyone else on Instagram.

More important than fan preferences are actions like clicking on a website, posting stocks, and DMS asking about what you have to offer. asks your audience to do something that will serve your main purpose and send your audience to the next step of your funnel.

For example: encourage them to click a link to your bio to check your website for a new blog or recent offer, or ask them to send you a DM or email so you can chat with them one by one. These actions are


To quickly recap my five-part method to using Instagram as a marketing tool is, 1. have a plan. You should always be working to achieve your primary goal, 2. identify and understand your target market. This is the person we;re-creating content for. 3. create strategic content. You can save time and see better results by creating content specifically for your target market, 4. engage with your target market regularly. We cannot solely rely on the algorithm to send us traffic. You also need to generate it and 5. encourage meaningful activity. Focusing on website clicks and DMS will help lead your audience to the next step in your marketing funnel.

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