What do you need to learn to do web development?

web development


The first two languages ​​we need to know for web and software design and development are -

 1.  HTML and
 2.  CSS

Both are markup languages, not programming languages. With these two languages ​​you can create a static web site or software.

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 3.  PHP and
 4.  SQL

Here PHP is a programming language and SQL is a database language. If you learn both these languages, you can create a dynamic web site or software.

 5.  JavaScript

By learning JavaScript language you can create an attractive and visually pleasing web site or software.

Moreover, while designing and developing web and software, you will need to work on different graphics.

That's why it is better to know the work of PhotoShop, Illustrator or Graphics.

We can also create software with C, Python or Visual Basic if we want.  However, when it comes to speed, it is better to create software or application with C.

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Both HTML and CSS are markup languages. There are many more markup languages ​​like this. The more code you write with these two languages, the more results you will get. There is nothing that he can do about it. If you ask these two languages ​​how much would be 5 and 5?  He can't give you any results because it's a markup language. But if you ask a programming language, such as PHP or JavaScript, how much would it be if I added 5 and 5?  He will tell you immediately. Or if you ask 5 and 5 times how much?  He can say that too. Because it is a programming language. There are many more programming languages ​​besides PHP or JavaScript.

We can create our web site or software in two ways. One is Static and the other is Dynamic. Static pages are any of the web or software pages that we cannot link to, edit or delete, without changing the original code. Dynamic pages are web or software pages that can be modified without having to go to the original code to add, edit or delete something.  For example, if we want Facebook, we can add, edit and delete our profile, any post, friend at any time.  Basically, because that website is dynamic, it has been possible for us to do that. So when we create a website or software, we have to keep in mind that everything is dynamic.

First a designer designs the website.  Usually gives an external look to the design with Photoshop. But the text images used in Photoshop do not understand the browsers we use, such as Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.  There are different languages ​​to understand these browsers, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.  First a framework is created that is designed in Photoshop with HTML.  Then CSS is designed in Photoshop.  Various advanced features are added to the design with JavaScript and jQuery.

First of all you have to decide that you will spend at least two years just learning.

Now there are so many resources online that you can easily learn alone.

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