5 Best Cyber Security Courses for Beginners | Top 5 Cybersecurity Courses 2023

an event in 2013 put the world in chaos when hackers told the car details of 40 million customers along with the personal information of 70 million customers like names addresses and phone numbers from targets database the hackers got their hands on this vast amount of sensitive data by installing malware on targets point of sale systems this is just one example of thousands of cyber crime activities occurring today even the most prominent organizations are only able to secure their systems partially such as the situation of cyber crimes today according to recent events and future predictions cyber crimes worldwide will cost

 organizations a whopping 10.5 trillion dollars coming from 3.5 trillion dollars in 2015 and there's only one way to eliminate the chances of these crimes that is by implementing a solid wall of cyber security and that can be done by hiring more efficient cyber Security Professionals that's why the demand for cyber Security Professionals in the cyber security industry is growing rapidly with over 90 employment rate if you also want to have a secure and rapidly growing career in the future then cyber security is the right option for you but how to do that exactly well hey everyone here I am with a new video of Simply learn on the best cyber security courses that will help you gain perspective

 towards how you can build your career in cyber security and what courses will be best suited for you before we begin the courses if you enjoy watching these videos and find them interesting please subscribe to our Channel because we bring the best videos for you daily also hit the Bell icon to get notified whenever we drop a new video let's take a look at what's in the video we'll start this video by understanding cyber security and then we'll see why cyber security is the future following that we'll take you through the salary insights of a cyber security export and

 will then take you through all the courses offered by simply loan you can choose from many courses as per your needs and convenience each course offered by simply learn has its perk and is designed to bring the best out of the learner so without any further Ado let's start with what cyber security is cyber security is the process of protecting our devices networks and data from unauthorized access tap and damage this includes everything from your personal email account to large corporations and government agencies there are many types of cyber threats including viruses malware phishing attacks and hacking attempts these threats can lead to severe consequences such as identity theft Financial loss and even National Security threats so how can we protect ourselves from these threats the first step is to educate ourselves on the different types of threats out there we must know what to look for and how to avoid falling victim to cyber attacks this include things like creating strong passwords being wary of suspicious emails or messages and regularly updating a software and security settings another critical aspect of cyber security is using the right tools to protect ourselves this include things like antivirus software firewalls and encryption these tools can help us detect and prevent cyber threats before they cause damage so let's move ahead and we'll now see why cyber security is the future cyber security is the future because cyber attacks are increasing everything is connected and there's a growing need for skilled

 professionals and the importance of data protection is crucial according to cyber security Ventures the expected cost of cyber crimes will be 10.5 trillion US dollars The Internet of Things is on the rise everything is interconnected making it vulnerable to cyber attacks the demand for cyber Security Professionals is increasing and it's estimated that there will be 2.5 million unfilled cyber security jobs by 2025. moving ahead let's discuss the salary insights of cyber security export according to Glass 2 the national average salary of a cyber security specialist is 11 lakh 80 3000 in India with additional cash benefits depending on the companies hiring you the average salary of the same cyber security specialist in the United States can go up to 85 000 annually with additional cash compensations other cyber security jobs like ethical hackers can earn up to 7 lakhs annually in India while the same job designation in the United States can get you around

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 88 000 annually so let's see which courses are related to cyber security and can bring the best out of the learner the first course in the list is the Cyber Security Experts Masters program the cyber security expert Masters program is a highly sought after program that equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the fast growing field of cyber security this program comprises of four comprehensive course designed to provide individuals with the foundational and advanced Knowledge and Skills in cyber security the courses includes introduction to cyber security this course provides a foundational look at today's

 cyber security landscape and equips individuals with the tools to evaluate and manage security protocols in information processing system com Tia Security Plus this certification training is globally recognized and covers network security and risk management principles ceh certified ethical hacker this course trains individuals on the advanced step-by-step methodologies that hackers actually use such as writing virus codes and reverse engineering cissp training the certified Information Systems security professional certification is considered the gold standard in information security overall the cyber security expert Masters program is an excellent investment for individuals looking to pursue a career in cyber security or Advance their current career in this fast growing field the program provides individuals with Comprehensive approaches and skills that will help them become accomplished cyber

 Security Professionals you can also get a discount by using our coupon code ytb E15 you can find the link for the same in the description box as well you'll get a free exam voucher for CE at certification saving a lot of your money and preparing you for the program along with the exam voucher the second program in the list is the postgraduate program in cyber security by enrolling in this postgraduate program in cyber security you will gain knowledge and expertise in safeguarding your infrastructure and securing data this postgraduate program in cyber security will cover all the necessary cyber security skills like Advanced hacking Concepts Network packet analysis ethical hacking IDs firewalls and honey ports security and risk management network security software development security and many more not only that but this program can also get you hired by top companies like Microsoft IBM Deloitte VMware Oracle and many other Tech Giants you'll also get to attend online interactive master classes conducted by the instructor from mitscc and gain insights about advancements in cyber security and understand the essential skills needed to become an expert in this rapidly growing domain the next program in the list is the advanced executive program in cyber security you can enroll in the advanced

 executive program in cyber security and enhance your career prospects by becoming a skilled industry professional in six months this program offers an immersive learning experience emphasizing practical applications making it ideal for those seeking a more rewarding career change by joining the advanced executive program in cyber security you'll acquire Advanced knowledge in defensive cyber security malware analysis application security ethical hacking and more offered in collaboration with triple it Bangalore and npci this cyber security program equips you with the comprehensive expertise required to identify potential opportunities and innovation in cyber security sector the global cyber security Market size stood at 112 billion dollars in 2019 and is projected to reach 345 billion dollars by 2026. so now is the time to make a career in the field of cyber security and this Advanced executive program in cyber security can help you back whopping salary job companies like Ernst and Young private limited Amazon Microsoft Bosch Samsung IBM and Cisco are actively looking for certified cyber security export so what are you waiting for enroll Now link is in the description below the next program in the list is the professional certificate program in ethical hacking and penetration testing simply

 learns professional certificate program in ethical hacking and penetration testing is a comprehensive course designed to help individuals gain the skills and knowledge needed to become an expert in vulnerability assessment and penetration testing this program is an excellent choice for individuals looking to enter the cyber security industry Security Professionals Network administrators or anyone looking to upgrade their cyber security skills one of the key advantages of this program is that you will learn more about the concepts consequences distinctions and limitations of ethical hackings in this course the extensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics including the principle of ethical hacking reconcines tools footprinting techniques Network scanning IDF firewall evasion techniques vulnerability risks social engineering SQL injection web server attack methodologies and more in addition to the industry recognition the program also offers participants access to community of like-minded professionals providing an opportunity to network share ideas and learn from each other in conclusion simply learns professional certificate program in ethical hacking and penetration testing is an excellent choice for individuals looking to enter or Advance their career in ethical hacking with its comprehensive curriculum industry recognition and community support this program is sure to provide participants with the skills and knowledge needed to tackle the challenges of the future the last course in the list is the Caltech cyber security boot camp according to Glassdoor the average salary of a cyber security specialist in the United States is around

 hundred thousand dollars so if this salary figure amazed you and you also want to become one then you can also kick start your career as a cyber security professional through this Caltech cyber security boot camp and gain the skills and experience required by organizations to protect their critical systems and sensitive data from cyber attacks through real world projects in 26 weeks by enrolling in this Caltech cyber security boot camp you will gain Proficiency in a range of areas related to defensive and offensive cyber security digital forensics penetration testing infrastructure design and other related subjects the program curriculum labs and assisted practices provide exposure to various popular cyber security tools that are currently in high demand the key benefits of enrolling in this course includes up to 26 containing educational units and a Caltech ctme Circle membership simply learns Courier Service will also help you get noticed by top hiring companies like Netflix Amazon Microsoft Google and many more on completion of the cyber security bootcamp buy simply learn and Caltech ctme you will gain a completion certificate as well so for admission to this boot camp in cyber security candidates should have 18 years of age and have a high school diploma basic understanding of programming Concepts and Mathematics can add more to your skills if you don't have any job experience don't worry there's no need for the same so well that's a

 wrap on our best cyber security courses for beginners we hope you found this video informative and helpful bye now you should have a good understanding of the different types of courses you can take up to master the field of cyber security if you are interested in learning more about cyber security there are plenty of resources available online you can also check out our website for more information on cyber security training and certifications thank you for watching and we'll see you next time hi there if you like this video subscribe to the simply learned YouTube channel and click here to watch similar videos turn it up and get certified click here thank you.

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