What is Website SEO? What are the requirements of SEO?

What is SEO ? If you have a website where you regularly upload content, then you must be familiar with the term SEO. Because, creating a website and regularly uploading content on it is not the end. Ensuring that the content you create is reaching the visitors is also one of the main and important tasks. Today in Hiddnetech blog we will introduce the term SEO and know its working in detail.

What is SEO?

The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is the name given to optimizing the website and website content so that the content published on a website appears in front of the visitor when searched in a search engine. What… seems a little hard to understand?

Let's understand a little more simply. Suppose, you publish various tutorials related to Photo Editing on your website. So you want, if someone searches by writing Photo Editing Tutorial in Google, then the contents of your website will come before him. And from there that visitor will enter your website.

Consider here that you are not the only one who publishes tutorials related to Photo Editing, there are many others like you who publish similar tutorials. Why did Google show your website first in the search results?

This is because you have adopted some strategies to bring your website content to the top of Google search. And this strategy is Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

So we understand, SEO is a strategy or rule by using which we can rank our website content in any search engine including google and bring a lot of visitors to our website.

SEO is mainly of 2 types

  • On Page SEO: The SEO that is done inside the website is called On Page SEO. For example, ensuring that titles, tags, keywords etc. are relevant to the content.
  • Off Page SEO: The SEO that is done outside the website is called On Page SEO. Like sharing website links on various blogs, social media or forums. Or creating backlinks for websites etc.

Why SEO website?

As mentioned earlier, creating a website and regularly uploading content to it is not the end goal. It is also one of the main and important tasks to make sure that the created contents are reaching the visitors or not. So it is essential to optimize your website so that the content of your website reaches the visitor first when searching on Google.

It should be remembered that if you do not SEO the website, your content will appear on the third or fourth page of search engines. Maybe it won't show. And there are many people who go to the second page after searching for any information on Google.

That is, most of the visitors will visit the websites that are displayed on the first page of the search engine. And since your website is not appearing on the first page of search engines, you are potentially losing a lot of visitors.

So in today's competitive world it is almost impossible to get visitors or traffic from search engines without SEO. Search engines generally do not rank any website without SEO.

What is the potential and future of SEO in the context of a Country?

In our country, many people with big degrees are currently looking for work or for a job. But in this age of information technology, there is no reason to sit back if you know SEO. Expertise in any technical sector, not just SEO, will help you find a lot of work in the local market. And the online marketplace is there.

And it is very important for web developers to have extensive knowledge of SEO. Because, a web developer who does not have knowledge about SEO can never be called a complete developer.

Thousands of websites are being created in our country every day. And so the demand for SEO is constantly increasing. SEO has now become a billion dollar market in the global market. And SEO will be a huge place of employment in our country in the near future. Currently millions of freelancers are engaged in this work worldwide and most of the freelancers in as country also do SEO work. The amount of SEO projects or tasks in online marketplaces will be about half of the total projects or tasks.

So it can be said that the possibilities of SEO in the country or in the global market are endless and the future of SEO experts is very bright. So to succeed in SEO you need persistence and hard work. Hard work is not difficult. If you stick to learning any skill, success will come. thank you.

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