How to Play M3U Files in Android? Apps IPTV Player

How to Use Android to Open M3U Files

The procedures listed below can be used to open an M3U file that you downloaded to an Android device:

Locate the "My Files" or "File manager" app in the list of Android apps on your Android smartphone, then press to open it.
In the app, tap the "Downloads" folder.

Your downloaded M3U file ought to be visible in that location.
Press down on the file. The downloaded file will open in the appropriate app on an Android device if that device can open files.
In the event that the file is not opened, try searching the Android program Store for "M3U" to find the relevant program.

It's likely that the file can only be opened on desktop operating systems like Windows or Mac OS if you are unable to open it using the apps from the Android App Store. 

Look for "M3U viewer" or "M3U file reader" on the internet to check if any desktop programs can open it.
Another possibility is that the file you downloaded is out-of-date and unsupported.

The Top 10 IPTV Apps for Android in 2024: The Best IPTV Apps for Android

Using IPTV technology to watch TV channels is becoming more commonplace. You may stream and watch both open and hidden channels with the several IPTV applications that are currently available. These are the top ten Android IPTV apps. The Top 10 Android IPTV Apps of 2024.

1. Kodi

One of the greatest open-source and multimedia apps is Kodi. This 2023 program, created by the XBMC (Xbox Media Center) foundation, is compatible with the Android operating system.
You can play and watch your music and videos on this app, as well as stream media from several platforms like YouTube, Amazon, Prime, and more. It is cross-platform and open-source software that allows you to seamlessly connect to as many devices as you require. This applies to smart televisions, network-connected multimedia players, and hotel television systems.

2. Televizo

An intriguing and really useful Android IPTV app is called Televizo. It is also a more feature-rich media player that you may customize to suit your requirements. Include all of your playlists! You can also block content that your eyes don't need to see.

You can watch videos and multi-channel domestic or international television with this program as well. To watch your videos, all you need is a smartphone, tablet, or other Android device—a television is no longer necessary. Televizo may also play video content that is streamed. With parental controls, you can limit access to services that aren't suitable for your kids.

3. Tivimate

Version 4.5.0 of the Android IPTV app Tivimate is extremely optimized. 2023 saw the release of this. The media player on Android was created by Armobsoft FZE. With Tivimate, you may watch live shows and your own films from a wide selection of TV stations. 

With Tivimate, choose and add your favorite live IPTV channels! Be aware that this application works with over 2000 devices. You may test the free mode and download it with ease. This choice will, however, restrict the channel. By utilizing the Tivimate offer, you will gain access to a number of fascinating channels.

4. Smarter Player

WHMCS SMARTERS created the amazing Android IPTV app Smarters Player Light. In 2023, version 5.1 is made available. With the help of the Smarters Player Lightweight App, you may stream live TV shows, including your preferred series, films, and much more.
Furthermore, Smarters Player Lite offers a plethora of capabilities to fulfill all your needs, including support for the Xtream Codes API and live streaming services.

5. XCIPTV Player

You may watch your live videos using XCIPTV Player, a dependable program. It may be accessed on Android TV, Android tablets, and Android phones. This program is very flexible and user-friendly, particularly for OTT service providers.

Two integrated media players with adaptive HSL streaming are included in the XCIPTV Player app. As a result, no player or third-party application is needed. Because of its user-friendly interface and ease of navigation, this application may be used by anyone.

Navigation is also made simple by the D-pad and Android TV control. You may install XCIPTV Player on TVs, tablets, and smartphones.

6. IPTV Smart Player

as well as the TV guide or EPG. It supports an external player and integrates a very potent IPTV player.
The user interface is the first thing that makes this software visually appealing. especially considering how stunning and intuitive the layout is. Dynamic language switching is also supported by IPTV Stream Player. The customer also has the option to change the URL and app name to reflect their own brand.

7. Dev IPTV Player Pro

Watching TV live is possible with Dev IPTV Player Pro. You may watch TV programs, films, and other content from the IPTV service provider with it as well.

Android TV sticks, Nvidia Shield TV, Android phones, and Android boxes can all be used for viewing. The Dev IPTV Player Pro is a very user-friendly program. It provides an amazing and fascinating user interface. especially considering the variety of customizing possibilities.

Additionally, Dev IPTV Player Pro offers a feature that groups content according to categories. Access to live videos, TV shows, and movies is now simpler as a result.

8. IPVT Extreme Pro

Multiple EPGs, M3U playlists, and remote control are supported by the IPTV Extreme Pro. The EPG is automatically updated by it. The program has backup and restore settings in addition to parental control access. This program has time registration and timer management in addition to more than ten themes.

IPTV Extreme Pro comes with an auto-start function. It is highly advised to upgrade to the Pro version in order to take use of additional features. particularly because it doesn't have any ads.

9. IPTV Player M3u8 Live

For streaming high-quality movies on an Android smartphone, IPTV Player Live M3u8 is the best option. For simplicity of usage, it is offered in multiple languages. It is an application, thus, that adjusts to all screen sizes that are available.

Fast content dissemination is the norm. There won't be any glitches or slowness. You may watch HD or 4K high-definition videos using this app.

It functions as a downloader, storing the video content on your smartphone's memory.

10. SMART IPTV Player

It is an IPTV client specifically designed for cellphones. Among the many things this program can do is load M3U playlists locally and remotely via the internet.

An external player is not necessary for the Smart IPTV Player to function. This is because it comes with a high-quality built-in video player. You can alter and distribute the playlist to others using Smart IPTV Player. 

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