Top 10 Ads Networks Alternative to Google Adsense for Bloggers

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a platform that offers creators a way to earn money from their online published content that can be done through websites or YouTube on the Internet. Adsense pays for displaying ads on websites, YouTube videos, blogs, forums, etc.

Why should you use Adsense Alternative?

Adsense is a perfect platform for bloggers to earn money from their website. The Google platform still has some drawbacks that make it unsuitable for some blog sites, especially smaller publishers.

There are certain reasons to use alternatives to AdSense. You can earn extra money with other platforms if your site has strong content and lots of visitors. There are many alternative platforms to Google AdSense with relatively simple policies Although Google Adsense is the most popular, it pays less than other advertising tools. Also, the minimum threshold limit for redeeming the earned money is relatively high. Hence, it is recommended to use different alternative platforms if you want to increase your income as AdSense allows multiple trusted advertising tools to be used simultaneously.

Following are some popular AdSense alternatives that can be used instead of AdSense:

1. Media.Net is an excellent platform for publishers to display relevant ads on their content; It is directly Google AdSense, Yahoo! And competes with other big advertising brands Although it is the best AdSense alternative that most publishers choose to use, there is a minimum requirement to join Media.Net, which is difficult for smaller publishers to meet.

Media.Net offers different types of ads like display and native ads for both desktop and mobile and you can earn the same income from Google AdSense. is an excellent platform for beginners trying to find the same features and flexibility as AdSense. Like AdSense, the minimum payout on is $100 However, it is usually transferred via PayPal.

Suitable for:  It is recommended for creators looking for a Google AdSense alternative. It offers the most significant payout based on clicks and impressions and also, the best user experience can be found on

2. PropellerAds

PropellerAds is another perfect and easy to understand advertising platform. It offers services like monetization for both new and established blog sites Propeller Ads is mainly known for its popunder type of ads that run in the background while the browser is active but automatically pop up when the window is not in use.

More than 1 billion users are active on this platform. Propeller Ads offers a variety of advertising services, including banners, sponsored links, and push notifications.


Best for:  Recommended for creators who want to enhance their blog with popunder ads and other non-targeted ads.

3. MonuMetric

MonuMetric , commonly known as blogger chain/network, is a blogger-focused network agency that focuses on creators who want to grow their income through blogging. Monometric ensures that your website ads are of the best quality and relevant to your audience. The platform provides services by directly talking to the customers and asking them for help when needed.

Monometric offers clients several monetization plans based on monthly pageviews and helps publishers improve their user interface to make navigation easier as their sites grow. To activate the services, the minimum qualification is more than 10,000 page views per month

The minimum withdrawal amount at Monumeric is $10 which can be quickly withdrawn from PayPal or by direct bank deposit.

Good for:  It's recommended for large and medium-sized bloggers who want top-notch, focused, impression-based advertising.

4. Amazon Native Shopping Ads Services

Bloggers and other website owners can also try  Amazon 's affiliate program to earn extra money. Amazon provides an excellent service to their clients to monetize their sites with various custom ads.

Amazon Native Shopping Ads Services

Amazon Native Shopping ads show the best products that are relevant and according to the user's needs with the same features as AdSense ads. However, unlike Google Adsense, Amazon ads do not pay for clicks. You will only receive a commission from sales that result from a user clicking on the ad. If a user clicks on an ad but does not make a purchase, publishers are not paid.

The most well-known e-commerce site in the world is Amazon, and they have a conversion rate that is significantly higher than almost all competitors. You can use this unusual traffic and conversion rate with minimal effort to generate passive income.

Good for:  It is mainly recommended for small publishers who can start earning a decent amount of money as commission from sales made by users.

5. Adversal

Adversal offers a unique type of service. It is a self-service advertising platform, which allows creators to buy and publish ads without human assistance. Hostile and other self-serve platforms give you complete control over ad content and placement, which is great for those looking for more control over advertising on their website.

But for odds, your website must have more than 50k pageview traffic per month and the website must have a domain name that is not password-restricted. The minimum payout at odds is $20, which can be easily withdrawn from various banking platforms.

Perfect for:  It's recommended for high-traffic creators who like to choose their ads and ad placements based on their preferences.

6. MediaVine

MediaVine is one of the best advertising tools. It is considered as the best AdSense alternative especially for lifestyle bloggers. It works similar to the AdThrive advertising tool, offering highly specialized ad placement and 75% revenue sharing for bloggers. Compared to other notable AdSense alternatives, MediaVine requires only half the monthly page views (50,000). Since this ad network comes from a large pool of lifestyle advertisers, it is targeted towards lifestyle bloggers; Therefore, if you produce long-form content in this market, you should strongly consider using it.

MediaVine's minimum withdrawal for both PayPal and direct deposit is around $25.

Best for:  Recommended for lifestyle content creators with high monthly traffic.


PlayWire  is sponsored by RAMP  (Revenue Amplification Managed by Professionals) and combines and enhances the best advertising technology on a single platform. If you run a blog with over 500,000 page views per month and are looking for a more all-in-one ad monetization solution then the RAMP platform is an excellent fit.


A RAMP allows clients to use a wide range of market-demand sources and adds predictive analytics to increase rewards. It ultimately helps highly frequented blogs to generate ads through attractive and effective ad units

For withdrawals, Playwire requires a minimum of $100 when using PayPal and $500 via wire transfer which is issued every 60 days.

Best for:  It's recommended for creators who want to use a full monetization platform and have a lot of traffic to their website or blog.

InfoLink is considered an excellent alternative to AdSense for display advertising. However, it mainly specializes in in-text ad placement. When InfoLink finds suitable keywords in the body of your blog post, it automatically inserts relevant links into the text, leading to ads. An appropriate ad appears next to this text when a visitor hovers over it.

Because pages with more text have more options for relevant ads, InfoLink with in-text ads works well on blogs.

InfoLink sends payments every 45 days (with a minimum payout of $50), Payoneer and Western Union via PayPal.

Good for:  Recommended for creators and bloggers looking for a new website-friendly in-text advertising solution.

9. SheMedia

SheMedia is a digital entertainment business that creates content primarily for women. Primarily known as the SheKnows, Blogher, and StyleCaster websites, SheMedia also has millions of monthly visits. SheMedia also operates a partner network that connects women-centric bloggers and content creators with women-centric advertising.

If your content is primarily aimed at a female audience, SheMedia is one of the best ways to monetize your site or blog

To use SheMedia, your website must receive at least 20,000 monthly views, which is relatively low compared to other leading ad networks. Additionally, your traffic must be at least 70% female and 80% US-based. This requirement can be a bit difficult for many publishers, especially Asian manufacturers. The SheMedia Partner Network pays bloggers via direct deposit or PayPal if they are based outside the US, which is paid once per month.

Good for:  It's recommended for creators and bloggers who target a female audience.

10. Tabola

Taboola is a renowned advertising company that has merged with several well-known media companies and organizations and has built a reputation for producing high-caliber advertising. It specializes in targeting native content from sponsored websites using Taboola's unique tracking techniques.

Taboola is also known for its simple and unique features, which extend beyond the necessary ad placement. With Taboola, you can integrate videos, manage personalization preferences, show ads in a more customizable way, and filter ads based on keywords.

As there is a certain traffic requirement of 500,000 visits per month, Taboola's services are only accessible to businesses and not to small individual bloggers. The minimum withdrawal amount for Taboola is $50.

Best for:  Recommended for large publishers who want to add multiple ad networks to their site to generate revenue.

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