How to open KFC franchise in India. Profit, Investment 2023: kfc franchise business plan

If you want to open KFC franchise in India , then this can be a profitable business for you. At present, KFC has maintained a good business in India. At present, KFC is being given the number one status in the food business in India. KFC is not a new company, it was started in 1932, while its franchises started being available since 1952. 

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What is KFC franchise ?

In the immediate times, every big company not only opens its branches to expand, but also gives the opportunity to other businessmen to open franchises to join them. KFC also offers the opportunity to open a franchise to share its brand name and way of doing business, which is called KFC Franchisee. In other words, this franchise means that you can expand your business in the name of a big company by using its brand. Due to which you will not need to do marketing and you will establish your business quickly. In return, you will have to give some part of the profit you earn to that company and will also have to pay a fee while taking the franchise. Taking KFC franchise simply means that you can sell the famous KFC dishes made by you in the name of KFC. You will also be trained for this.

Full name of KFC (KFC full form)

KFC company first started by making fried chicken, which was created by its owner himself. Fried chicken is the main food product made by KFC. Therefore, it was named Kentucky Fried Chicken on the same basis, which is the full name of KFC.

KFC franchise qualifications 

Taking KFC franchise is a very difficult task, because before giving it, some qualifications have been prescribed which are divided into four parts. If you are going to apply for a franchise , then keep these four things in mind.

  • Annual Earnings (Financial Qualifications)

If someone wants to take KFC franchise in India, then his net worth should be between Rs 9 to 10 crore. Not only this, assets up to Rs 5 crore should be in the form of cash or any such asset which can be quickly converted into cash. However, this limit may be more or less depending on the location and size of the franchise. It is clear from these figures that you will be able to take KFC franchise only if you have a good amount of property.

  • Multi Unit Operations Experience _

If we talk about this, KFC gives its franchise only to those people who have previous experience in the restaurant field. Or have you ever worked in KFC or have experience in any other company like KFC. Although this will give you a slight preference, having this type of experience is beneficial but not essential. Not only this, if your profile looks good then your chances of getting a franchise will increase.

  • Relationship with market and banks (Personal and Financial Reputation)

Relationship with the market and banks means that you are not bankrupt in your country, or have not taken any kind of loan from the bank. Along with this, your name should be well known in the field of business and there should not be any criminal case registered against you. For this, your credit score should be at least 700, so that if you need money in future, you can easily get a loan. On the other hand, if your business record is good, then KFC will give you the benefit of this and you will be given first preference.

  • Good motivation and commitment towards business _

KFC is a big and famous company in the world for its recipes. Whereas KFC needs franchisee customers who can run the business for a long time. From time to time, KFC company keeps providing advice and guidance to franchisees on how to run the business for a long time.

How to apply for KFC franchise (How to apply for KFC franchise in Hindi )

  • To apply for KFC franchise, you will have to apply by visiting its official website. Meaning, you will have to go to this link and fill some of your information. Keep in mind that this is the first process to get your franchise, hence all the information should be filled correctly by you. Because KFC pays special attention to all the small details and even your small mistake can become the reason for not getting the franchise.
  • For that you will have to fill your full name and address of your permanent residence. Along with this, you have to fill your email ID and your contact information i.e. you will also have to fill your mobile number. So that you can be easily contacted by KFC.
  • Along with this you will also have to ensure that at what time you will be available to talk, if you are successful in the first process then you will be contacted by KFC and further process will be explained.
  • If your application form is not successful due to some reason then you do not need to be disappointed. Because KFC is very strict in giving its franchise. But if you fail, you can apply again next time.
  • Not only this, if you want to open its franchise anywhere outside America, then you can go to this link and find the contact details of KFC franchise distributors of all the countries. Are.
  • For example, if you want to open a franchise in India, then you can directly contact Prasanna Kumar, Head of Yum Restaurant Pvt. Ltd. through email [email protected]Or you will have to talk to another member of Yum Restaurant Pvt. Ltd. about it.

Cost to open KFC franchise in India (KFC franchise cost in India )

The amount involved in opening a KFC franchise is approximately Rs 2 crore in Indian rupees. This business is often opened by people whose financial condition is quite strong. Because a lot of expenditure has to be incurred in its decoration and maintenance.

In simple words, collect an amount of Rs 2 to 5 crore and keep it aside in advance. Out of which approximately one third of the money goes in purchasing food items and two thirds in preparing the structure of the restaurant i.e. KFC franchise. Which  is more than the cost of opening a McDonald's franchise .

Fee and percentage for taking KFC franchise (KFC franchise fee and percentage formula)

You have to pay the entire expense for opening the franchise and setting up your shop, after this the fee depends on the type or level of franchise you take from KFC. You have to pay 5 percent of the total earning as royalty and 5 percent as promotional fee. Not only this, you also have to renew the franchise after 2 to 3 years.

Documents required for taking KFC franchise (required document   for KFC franchise )

Franchise Disclosure Document   _

KFC demands FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) before giving its franchise. In which all the terms and conditions of the company mainly like franchise agreement, development agreement, financial agreement are mentioned. Once all the terms of these documents have been agreed upon, they are signed by you and the company.

other documents   _

Among other documents, you will have to provide documents related to your franchise like whose land is it and what is your right on that land. Along with this, you will have to provide proof of your property along with documents related to your citizenship. If you are an Indian, you may also have to submit Aadhar Card, PAN Card and Voter ID.

Profit from KFC franchise KFC franchise profit   )

  • After opening a KFC franchise, approximately three times the profit is achieved within a year. But for this it depends more on the type of area in which you have opened the franchise. Opening a KFC franchise is an easy and better option to quickly establish a reputation in the food business and earn more money in less time.  
  • The best thing about it is that the price of all the food items made by it or sold in its name is already fixed in the market.

Saving money in marketing _

The second biggest advantage is to avoid doing marketing because KFC keeps promoting its brand on its own. Due to which your restaurant will automatically be visible to the people and the money spent in marketing will be saved. Although you are charged 5 percent of the profits for marketing, this 5 percent is a very small amount compared to the amount of money KFC spends on marketing.

  • After taking the franchise, you will be given training by KFC company so that you can run your business easily. Not only this, KFC keeps giving you some rules and advice from time to time.
  • Not only this, by taking a franchise, you remain in touch with businessmen and experienced people who have been in the business for many years and you get experience of running the business from these people.

Precautions for taking and running franchise well   (KFC franchise precautions )

Selection of location (required suitable place for KFC franchise)

While taking or making a franchise, take a complete stock of the place where the franchise is to be made. Inspection means that the franchise should be opened in a place where there is a good population of people and for that you will have to visit that place and take stock of it, along with that you will have to see what kind of people live there. Meaning, choose only that place where rich people live. Apart from this, a place near any shopping mall, talkies, company or colleges can be very beneficial for you.

Take decisions according to money only sufficient money required)

A lot of money is required to run this business, so before investing in it, check your ability to invest money. Not only this, if your franchise does not earn anything for one year due to some reason, you can run the franchise with your money and investment for at least one year.

Selecting people and employees (selection of worker )

For franchise, you will have to choose people who have already worked in this field. You can also include experienced people from restaurants in your franchise. Once you select the people, training will be given to the people selected by you. During training they will be told how to work.

After assessing all this information, it is understood that KFC provides its franchise to them only. People who are strong both financially and mentally. In simple words, only businessmen who have accounts worth crores can take up this business i.e. franchise. By investing money in this, you can multiply your wealth.

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