Why does it hurt to cut the nails?

It hurts when we cut our hands or feet. But why does it hurt when we cut our nails? Our body has a substance called 'keratin'. It makes nails. *-*-*-**-*-*-*-Nails are a special constituent in our body. It originates from the skin. Nails are made of a special substance called keratin.*-*-*-*-*-* -*-*-Keratin is a type of dead substance. The base of the nail is located inside the skin of the finger. ********************************** ************************** 

We know that our body is made up of many cells. One dies due to lack of essential nutrients.************************************~~~~~So Nails are a kind of dead cells. ~~~ There are nails inside the skin of the finger. Then there is a kind of soft thread or ash in the skin under the nails. ************************** **********************************~~~These fibers stick to the nails.~~~~Holds the nails in place .**************************************************** **************************~~~~~~~ Because of this, the nails become hard. We don't feel pain when we cut the nails because of the formation of dead or dying cells.

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