What is LNG?

Liquefied Natural Gas (Liquefied Natural Gas) or liquefied natural gas is abbreviated as LNG. Almost all natural gas is methane. LNG is obtained by cooling to a temperature of -1610 Celsius (-1610 C). LNG is more compressed than CNG or compressed natural gas. Natural gas that is supplied through pipelines to homes and industries and LNG is the same, but LNG transport is convenient. Converting natural gas to LNG reduces the size to 600th of that. 

In other words, if 600 cubic meters of natural gas is converted into LNG through cooling, its volume is 1 cubic meter. Density of natural gas at 250 Celsius is 0.656 kg/m³; That is, one cubic meter of natural gas has a mass of 0.656 kg. On the other hand the density of LNG is 426kg/m³; That is, the density of one cubic meter of LNG is 426 kg. As a result, the cost of transporting LNG from one place to another by ship or truck is reduced. LNG can be delivered by cryogenic ships or lorries to countries far away from gas mines where pipelines are not possible or cost-prohibitive.

LNG is produced by pressurizing and reducing the temperature of natural gas, but does not require special refrigeration for transport or storage. Generally, LNG tanks are thermally conductive. The internal liquefied natural gas or LNG is kept at the boiling point. As a result, the liquefied gas is partially vaporized. Since the tank is a thermal conductor, the latent heat of evaporation cannot come from outside. The liquefied gas inside the tank provides the necessary latent heat. As a result, the temperature of liquid gas in the tank cannot increase. 

Cool the tank by letting a very small amount of gas out of the tank can be kept This method of keeping the tank cool is called auto-refrigeration. The gas released is also used as fuel. LNG, which is almost entirely methane, is almost as odorless as natural gas. But like natural gas, odor-causing chemicals are added to it for safety. In addition to being used in ships or vehicles, LNG can also be regasified and delivered to homes through pipelines.

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