Carbon-dioxide: Earth's villain?

99% of our air is nitrogen and oxygen (78% and 21% respectively). Most of the remaining one percent is an inert gas called argon. The next gas that can be mentioned in very small quantities is carbon-dioxide. But its amount in air is so low (only 0. 038%) that it should not have been brought into the situation. 

But the interesting thing is that the carbon-dioxide gas is not only brought into the situation, but this gas is one of the most discussed gas in our present world. The name carbon dioxide gas implies that it contains one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. It is a colorless and odorless gas. Carbon dioxide comes out with our breath. The small amount of carbon-dioxide in the air is not toxic to us, but if it is in excess, it can be quite toxic. It is heavier than air so it accumulates under unused wells or pits. 

Without understanding, many people fell into such wells and died of suffocation. It's not just the wells where people die of suffocation – there are also examples of hundreds of people dying at once due to carbon dioxide. There are three lakes in Africa that have a slightly different structure. Under the lake there is a vent of the volcano and through that vent carbon-dioxide gas is released and accumulates below. Due to some natural reasons, a huge amount of carbon-dioxide gas is suddenly released from the bottom of the lake. 

As mentioned earlier, carbon dioxide is heavier than air – so just as water rolls in and floods low-lying areas, this carbon-dioxide gas also floods nearby low-lying towns, displacing all air and taking up space. People in the area died of suffocation because they could not breathe. An eyewitness to such an incident was driving a truck. Suddenly the engine of the truck stopped. 

Truck engines also need oxygen to run, as the carbon dioxide comes in and displaces the air, there is no oxygen to keep the engine running. As the driver got down to see why the engine had stopped, he gasped. The two occupants of the truck survived as they did not get off the truck. Carbon-dioxide gas also reached a height at which the flood waters stopped. All those within that height died of suffocation, those above survived. The worst case of “carbon-dioxide flood” occurred in Africa in 1984 when one such accident killed more than 1,000 people and numerous livestock, insects, The insect was dead. Carbon dioxide gas can be converted relatively easily (at -80°C) into solid carbon dioxide, called dry ice. 

That's because usually when ice melts, a liquid is first obtained, but after the dry ice melts, it turns directly into a gas instead of a liquid. Carbon dioxide gas is very important for our planet. Earth's green plants collect carbon dioxide from the air, water from the soil, and energy from sunlight to make their food. The process is called photosynthesis. Not only does the plant make its food by this photosynthesis, It gives us precious oxygen gas back as "waste".

That is why the forests or trees of the earth are so necessary to us. The beginning states that there is a very small amount of carbon-dioxide in the air – the interesting thing is that this amount is not constant – it rises and falls. Carbon-dioxide is slightly soluble in water. Fifty times as much carbon-dioxide as is now in the air is dissolved in the sea-water. How much carbon dioxide can dissolve in water depends on the temperature of the water. At higher temperatures, less is dissolved – we've seen that with soft drinks. 

Carbon dioxide is kept dissolved in soft drinks – the colder they are, the more carbon dioxide they contain. If the temperature rises, the carbon dioxide bubbles out of the soft drink. If we are of the world If you look at the map, you will see that the Northern Hemisphere has relatively more land, so there are more trees. These plants begin to take in carbon dioxide from the air in early spring and reduce it slightly. Not only that, there is more water in the southern hemisphere of the world, when the spring begins in the northern hemisphere, the winter begins in the southern hemisphere, the water is a little cooler, so the carbon dioxide can be dissolved a little more. 

At the beginning of the hemanthus, plants become stagnant, leafless – then stop taking in carbon dioxide, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. In the vast oceans of the Southern Hemisphere, spring has begun. As temperatures begin to rise, less carbon dioxide is dissolved. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Carbon-dioxide gas can retain heat just as greenhouses do. Sunlight reaches the earth through the atmosphere of our earth. This light cannot heat the Earth's air—it heats the Earth's surface. 

The Earth's surface tries to radiate some of that heat back. In other words, the Earth's surface absorbs visible light but emits infrared light. Carbon-dioxide gas does not absorb visible light but does absorb infrared light. Therefore, the heat energy emitted by the earth's surface cannot escape through the atmosphere. It is trapped in carbon dioxide and keeps the atmosphere warm. 

For this method, the temperature of the Earth during the day and night Sometimes there is a kind of equality. Otherwise, the world would be oppressively hot during the day and Konkan would be cold at night. Nature has made various such processes to make the earth habitable and it has been going on for millions of years. But it is very unfortunate for us that the inconsiderate people of the world have suddenly destroyed this equality of the world which was built with so much care in the 20th century. 

Since carbon-dioxide gas is a greenhouse gas, its increase in air means an increase in air temperature. An increase in air temperature means an increase in Earth's temperature. There is a large amount of ice cover in the North Pole and South Pole of the Earth. If the temperature of the earth rises even a little, And if the ice in the polar region melts even a little, then the sea level will rise and the lower part of the earth will sink under water. The rate at which carbon dioxide gas is increasing in the world, it is feared that almost one-third of the area of ​​Bangladesh will either be submerged under water or will become unfit for agriculture due to the effect of saline water. 

The fact that the temperature of the earth increases due to carbon dioxide is called global warming, global warming in Bengali. Scientists have been arguing about this for a long time. A lot of carbon dioxide comes into the air naturally. There is no way to prevent it. It is estimated that 40 percent of the world's air comes from the world's volcanoes. 

Just as nature produces carbon-dioxide, it also absorbs it. The ocean holds a large amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in its water. But the inconsiderate people of the world are making carbon dioxide every moment by running factories, cars, ships, planes. Scientists now have concrete evidence that the amount of carbon dioxide on Earth is slowly increasing. 

Scientists predict that this world is going to fall under the influence of global warming. At first the businessmen, factory owners did not want to accept it but finally a warning was sounded from the United Nations and finally the whole world accepted it. Everyone admits that if you are not careful at the moment, the disaster ahead! The people of the world have destroyed the nature and the environment by being inconsiderate - and the people of the world have taken up the task of saving the nature and the environment. 

All over the world there is now a "green movement", one of the main tasks of which is to reduce carbon dioxide in the air. Carbon-dioxide is abbreviated as carbon, and the new world is behind it! Carbon-dioxide was a harmless essential gas – how do you know it is now the villain of the world!

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