Windows 11 is Ahead Of Windows 10

Many Windows fans are not very happy with Windows 11 since its release . But many people are expressing their negative comments about Windows 11 without using it. The Windows 11 operating system is an upgrade of Windows 10. Naturally, many functions and features are much better than Windows 10 in Windows 11. In this post we will learn about some of the best features of Windows 11 that make Windows 11 better than Windows 10.

Productivity-first design

Windows is used for both work and fun. However, Windows 10 was very much "fun oriented" whereas Microsoft tried to make Windows 10 "work environment optimized". To put it plainly, Windows 11 has been designed keeping in mind the use in the professional field. 

Windows 10 uses colorful elements and excellent animations, but in Windows 11 these cuts have been given more importance to the "focus" of the work. For those who use computers for work purposes, Windows 11 is the ideal solution. Windows 11 has been thoughtfully designed to help provide the necessary focus at work.

Settings menu

Windows 11's Settings menu is so awesome that it makes it to this list. The Settings menu has the Windows 11 sidebar navigation system, and a new navigation system has been added to the top of the screen that makes it easy to go one "level" back or forth in the Settings menu. Each subsection has its own graphical element added to its summary screen. For example, in the Network & Internet section, you can see the amount of internet usage as well as which network you are connected to.

Again, navigating the settings menu is made very easy and lively with the help of visual elements like drop-down menus, buttons, and caret menus. Also, almost every menu and submenu is nicely labeled, making it easy to find any settings. Thanks to Windows 11's Settings Panel, the need for Control Panel has been greatly reduced.

“Out of the Box” Experience

The out-of-the-box experience of Windows 11 is amazing. First, the Windows 11 startup process visually introduces you to the look and feel of Windows 11. Again, the Phone Link app can be connected to the phone very easily in Windows 11. If you follow the setup process of Windows 11 properly, the user experience of Windows 11 can be more comfortable than Windows 10.

Action Center

The Action Center is the computer version of Quick Settings that accompanies the smartphone's notification panel. In this action center you will find all the necessary controls of Windows. You can have more fun using the Action Center, especially if your Windows device is a touchscreen.

Snap view

Although it does not sound like a very unusual feature, the window snapping feature will be very useful for Windows 11 users. Windows 10 had an option to snap windows to the grid, which had to be used via a shortcut key. But in Windows 11 this feature has been made easier.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a window's fullscreen icon will display several Snap View previews, from which you can select one at your convenience. For those who spend most of their time working with multiple windows in Windows, this feature is going to be very useful.

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New “Media Player”

Among Windows 11 native apps, most of the apps have received visual changes but not much changes or improvements in literal terms. However, Windows Media Player has been redesigned. Apart from Groove Music, Media Player has been made more suitable for audio and video playback. Equalizer feature added. Maybe it's not a huge addition, but the convenience of viewing most media files natively is admirable.

Android apps

The use of Android apps through emulators on Windows computers has been going on for a long time. But finally Android apps can be run natively on Windows 11 thanks to Windows Subsystem for Linux. While this feature may be considered unnecessary for most users, there is no doubt that the huge Android app and game library will add another dimension to Windows 11. 

DirectStorage and AutoHDR

Significant improvements have come to Windows 11 with gamers in mind. First is DirectStorage which will reduce game load times. There is also Auto HDR which can finally simulate HDR visuals on Windows computers. HDR monitors are becoming more common, making this feature very useful.

Which one are you using between Windows 10 and Windows 11? Let us know in the comment section.

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