What Is A MacBook? Why Is Apple's MacBook Laptop So Popular?

If you are a technology lover, you must have heard the name of Apple's MacBook. In the world of laptop computers, the name of Apple's MacBook is quite bright. This laptop series of Apple is the first choice for many. Especially those who create content from different places value MacBooks.

Many people may wonder why this Apple laptop is so popular and what it actually is. Apple is the only operating system (MacOS) that competes with Windows PCs in the market today. And the laptop made by Apple with this operating system is basically known as MacBook which is made by Apple itself. In today's post, we will learn about various aspects of Apple's MacBook.

What is a MacBook?

MacBook is the third generation laptop manufactured by Apple. In other words, earlier two series of laptops were introduced by Apple in the market which were named Powerbook and iBook. In 2006, Apple first launched this new series of laptops in the market. Apple improved the laptop by adding various modern technologies in this series. The new generation of technology was first found in Apple's MacBooks. In 2015, Apple used their retina technology display for the first time in this laptop. Also in 2016 they use new storage technology SSD or Solid State Drive in their MacBook.

MacBooks are made by Apple and run on their own operating system known as macOS. MacOS is a modern operating system that can compete with Windows and has some amazing features. Moreover, MacBooks have various modern and new generation technologies. MacBooks have an added attraction in the market as they are very beautiful and premium designed. Moreover, this laptop is easy to use for new users. MacBooks have a number of features that are not available on regular Windows laptops. And all in all, MacBook laptops are very popular with many people.

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Reasons for the popularity of MacBook laptops

There are several reasons for the popularity of MacBook laptops. This laptop cannot be called the best in any aspect. Depending on the needs of different users Windows or Macbook any type of laptop can be favorite of someone. Here we will talk about several factors due to which MacBook can easily hold the market.

One of the attractive factors of MacBook and any Apple device is their design. Apple spends a lot of time on the design of their devices so that every device looks beautiful, premium and modern. MacBook is no exception. MacBook is thinner and offers a premium experience than most laptops in the market. While it may not sound like much, the reality is that a MacBook can also be a measure of your social status. So many people prefer MacBook as their laptop.

But a big reason for the MacBook's popularity is Apple's ecosystem. As Apple develops their devices and operating systems under their own supervision, they can provide a beautiful and smooth experience on every device. For example, if someone has an iPhone, they can easily share files from Macbook to iPhone or from iPhone to Macbook using AirDrop. Some of these amazing features can be used while staying within Apple's ecosystem.

Apple's iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, iCloud, Apple Music all combine to give you an experience that is quite rare. So having an Apple device is natural for many to want to get another Apple device.

But not just the ecosystem, MacOS has several apps that are not available anywhere else outside of Mac. For example, Apple's video editing software Final Cut. It is capable of providing quite an amazing video editing experience and is only available for macOS. And so the Mac is very popular among content creators. All important apps are also easily available for Mac. Although there is not as much software for Mac as Windows. But all the apps that a common user needs for Mac can be found in the App Store. Every app works great on Mac. And so Mac has a different attraction in the market.

Several hardware features also set the Mac apart from other laptops. For example, the Mac's Retina display is preferred by many for its higher pixel density. Typing on the MacBook keyboard is also amazing. Besides, the sound quality of the speakers is also very good. The MacBook's Magic Trackpad also tops the list of favorites. The entire trackpad provides separate haptic feedback for each task. Not only that, it uses magnets for clicks. By combining the hardware and software features of this trackpad, you will get such an experience that you will not want to use a normal laptop trackpad anymore.

Besides, every hardware in MacBook is very high quality. Being an expensive laptop, everything about Mac can serve very well. So generally MacBook lasts longer than other laptops. Macbook is supported by Apple for a long time like all their other laptops. As a result, many of the latest things are available first. And that's why the resale value of MacBook is more than other laptops. Even a 3-year-old MacBook can be sold in the market for more than 50 percent of its original price. No other laptop you can sell for this price.

So in terms of software and hardware, Macbook has some good features which are preferred by many users. It goes without saying that the MacBook has carved a niche for itself in the market. It's not that MacBooks don't have a variety of problems. As such, many power users may find the MacBook unattractive.

Because here you cannot use many programs which are available on windows laptop. Also, you can't change the operating system on a MacBook even if you want to. So in many ways the MacBook is also limited. So depending on what you will be using the laptop for, a MacBook or any other laptop might be the best choice for you.

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