Ways to Keep Your YouTube Channel Safe Ways to Keep Your Gmail Account Safe

YouTube Channel Security-

Maybe you have a YouTube channel. What you want to keep safe. You may be worried that hackers can't take over this channel. Today I will tell you some ways to keep your YouTube channel safe. If you follow this, you will never have to worry about the security of your YouTube channel. So keep reading this post with patience.

How to keep YouTube channel safe 

Step 1: First, login to the Gmail with which you opened the YouTube channel. Then go to Personal Info and enter your correct date of birth. Also set a very strong 10 to 12 digit password for Gmail. Password: Use lowercase letters, uppercase letters, and a variety of numbers and symbols. Eg: KDYnhf174#&℅$ . I hope you understand. One more thing always remember never share your password with anyone else. And whatever password you give, try to remember it or write it down somewhere. If you forget your password, you may have trouble logging in later.

Step 2: Then go to Contact Info and add your personal Gmail and phone number and verify this Gmail and phone number. Never give anyone other than your gmail or phone number here. If you ever forget your password, you can recover your ID from this phone number and Gmail ID.

Step 3: If you ever have doubts or if you want to know whether someone has logged into your account, go to Data & Personalization option, then go to Activity Controls option and follow the information provided there, only then you will understand whether someone other than your device has logged in. If you suspect any device, remove it immediately.

Then you can go to the Web & App Activity option to see which apps or websites you have logged into with your account. If in doubt, remove the app or website immediately.

Location History By going to this option, you can know from which location your ID has been logged in. If you doubt the location here, take immediate action. That is, change your password immediately.

Check your YouTube history or YouTube search history. You can see the articles that you have searched on YouTube here. If you see any text here that you have not searched then you will understand that someone else has searched from your account. And if you think so, change your password immediately.
At this stage I will tell you some more important ways to keep your account safe which I hope you will definitely follow.

Step 4: In this step you go to Security option. After coming to this option, you will see when and where your account password has been changed. If you are in doubt here, change your password quickly.

Be sure to turn on the 2-Step Verification option to keep your account more secure. If this option is enabled, if someone knows your account password or your account is hacked, then no one will be able to login to your account. You must have understood by now how important the option is to keep an account safeYou must use your own number while activating the 2-Step Verification option. Because after turning on this option, every time you go to login or someone else goes to login, a verification code will come to this number. And after putting this code you can login to your account. Otherwise you will not be able to log-in to your account.

By enabling this option you can be so sure that your account is at least 99% safe.

Step 5: To keep your account more secure, you can go to Backup Codes option and save the 10 codes of art numbers in screenshot print or save somewhere else. If your account is ever hacked or if you ever forget your password then you can login to your account using these codes. If you cannot provide any information after forgetting the password, then you can use these codes, it can be called Google's last chance.

Step 6: You can use Google authentication app to keep your YouTube channel or Gmail ID more secure. It works much like 2-Step Verification. If you have connected this app with your account. Then you can easily login with the code from these apps while logging into your account.

To keep your Gmail and YouTube channel safe, try to follow the above mentioned steps fully, then your account will be 99% safe and secure.

If you have any problem while doing these tasks, please comment. Moreover, you can do these tasks very easily by watching the various types of videos on YouTube. thank you.

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