Things To Keep in Mind While Buying A Gaming PC

Building or buying a gaming PC requires a lot of planning and research. Buying or building a gaming PC is not easy at all. Especially when it comes to building a custom PC, there are several things to keep in mind. In this post, you will know the details about the things that need to be taken care of when building a gaming PC.


When building a gaming PC, the hardware inside the computer is often discussed first. But before talking about the internal hardware it is more important to plan the exterior.

Nowadays, gaming PCs are available in various shapes and sizes. If you don't have a big desk or if you don't have enough space in the house, then you can see the small computer exterior i.e. CPU case.

The smaller the PC size, the less space it occupies in the room. However, due to the small size, the central cooling system is small, due to which these PCs produce more noise. If you plan to update in the future, choose a PC with easy parts to install or replace. 


Whether pre-built or custom-built, the first specification to look at when buying a gaming PC is the processor. This processor basically determines how most apps or games will run. The performance depends largely on the total number of cores of the processor. You will get 2 to 16 core CPU or processor in the market. If your budget is low, consider a processor with at least 4 cores.

Between AMD and Intel, AMD's Ryzen processors offer more value for money. AMD's processors have more cores to provide better multithreaded performance.

Most modern games also use multiple cores for better performance. However, using a good GPU gives almost the same performance as other processors of the same price. That is, having a good GPU does not require the latest and greatest top-end processor. 

But if you want to run all apps and games well, you should get a good processor. Since some apps run on single core and some apps run on multicore, choosing the right processor is one of the prerequisites for getting good performance.


Talking about gaming PC and not talking about GPU, how come. GPU is a very important factor in building a gaming PC. A good GPU along with a good CPU is essential to get better graphics and framerates in games.

The performance of the GPU can be verified to a large extent by looking at the model number of the GPU. In most cases, a higher number of GPUs means better performance. However, the case is slightly different for overclocked GPU models. For example, the performance of overclocked RTX 2060 is almost the same as the expensive RTX 2070.

The most important component in a gaming computer is the GPU or graphics card. Graphics card prices have been somewhat high for some years due to the global semiconductor shortage. However, a graphics card is required to make a gaming PC.

Video memory or VRAM is the real feature of the graphics card. The higher the video RAM or V RAM, the better the graphics of the game. It is better to buy a graphics card with more V RAM rather than buying multiple graphics cards.

However, it is also important to consider whether other components of your computer can adapt well to your graphics card.


More RAM means more performance – this misconception is still believed by many. While RAM is important for any PC, there is no need to worry about it. RAM is the least expensive and easily replaceable of all computer parts.

If you want to run any game smoothly, keep at least 16GB of RAM in your gaming PC. No game currently needs more RAM than this. Don't buy more RAM and spend that money on other better parts.

But one thing is important to keep in mind, that is the computer's RAM is used by other apps besides games. So a game like Call of Duty Warzone may lag on your 16GB RAM PC even though its system requirements are 8GB RAM.


SSD is more advanced than hard disk as computer storage. Even though the price is higher, the speed is several times higher using SSD.

If you need more storage for gaming as well as other tasks, you can use SSD as well as extra hard disk. But try to keep your games on SSD.


Where all the parts that have been discussed so far will be adorned, that is the motherboard. Don't skimp on buying a motherboard, but there's no need to overspend either. When selecting a motherboard, check if your other components are supported by the motherboard. Also, if you want to upgrade parts later, check if the motherboard offers that facility.


He spent money on all the parts, but if the result of everything is not good on the monitor, then all the money will go down the drain. Resolution and refresh rate are two important factors when buying a monitor.

If you are participating in competitive gaming tournaments, a high refresh rate monitor is a must. Again try to keep the display resolution at least HD+. No matter which graphics card you use, you won't get any better output on a lower resolution display.

Other parts

Since we are talking about gaming, the name of mouse and keyboard will come. If your budget is a bit tight, spend money on other parts first, but you can look at a movable mouse and keyboard. Many people prefer RGB mouse and keyboard as a hobby. Speaking of which, mouse and keyboard is a matter of personal preference.

And in case of gaming computer, headphones are definitely needed. Headphones play an important role in any game nowadays. It is better to buy headphones with a mic. However, if you want, you can also buy the headphones and mic separately, which will cost a bit more.

Spend on important things

Keep your gaming preference in mind when building a gaming PC. Sort your gaming PC parts according to what kind of gameplay experience you want.

If you're confused about what kind of setup to make, talk to a PC expert. However, since the visual outlook of the game is determined by the CPU and graphics card, more can be spent on these two aspects.

The performance of your gaming PC depends on your budget and preferences. A great looking CPU case won't boost your computer's performance. So spend on important things first and then give importance to external beauty.

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