Do You Know That Beautiful Girls Are Harmful to Men's Health?

It is not unusual for a man to stare at a beautiful girl On top of that, if the woman is a little more beautiful, then many men can be seen staring at her without shame. Beware, beauties are bad for your health

Do You Know That Beautiful Girls Are Harmful to Men's Health?

It's true, some researchers say, being around attractive women actually increases stress in men There is even a risk of cardiac arrest due to increased pressure!

Researchers at the University of Valencia in Spain are spreading such opinions about beautiful girls According to researchers, if a man sits next to a beautiful woman for 5 minutes, the stress in men increases Which increases the flow of a special hormone called cortisol in the body And the problem is there Excess flow of this hormone is again responsible for various heart diseases

But the truth is, the researchers assured that, among men who like to stay away from women, beauties are a little more harmful.

Researchers from the University of Valencia, published this information after studying 84 male volunteers. These volunteers are asked to solve Sudoku puzzles individually in a room at different times.

At this time, an unknown beautiful woman was brought into that room And because of that, the flow of cotrisol increases in the body of many people But when a man entered the room instead of a woman, there was no change in the male volunteers

Researchers say that most men start to think that there is a chance of love when they see young beautiful women around Few men can walk past beauties

Note that low levels of cortisol in the body are not harmful bColor is helpful in enhancing human performance But too much cortisol can cause everything from heart damage to diabetes and even male impotence. Therefore, it is better to avoid beauties if possible!

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