What Are The Ways to Make Money From A Blog Site?

There are many who have started or are thinking of starting a blog site for online income. And they have this question in their mind that can earn from a blog site? Or if it can be done in what way and how much money is possible to earn?

So if you are one of those who have just started a blog site or are thinking of starting one then you have come to the right place today.

Because today in this article we will know whether it is possible to earn money from a blog site and even if it is possible, in what ways to earn money.

So, without further ado, we did not know how or in what way it is possible to earn from a blog site.

Ways to make money from a blog site

Using Ad Network: The easiest and primary way to monetize a blog site is through Ad Network. You can earn money from blog site by monetizing your blog content with google adsense or any other ad network.

Affiliate Marketing: Another very popular way to earn from a blog site is affiliate programming or marketing on the blog site. You can also earn through product promotion of various affiliate platforms on the blog site. And in this case you can use ad network and affiliate program at the same time on the blog site.

E-Commerce Store: You can use your blog site as an e-commerce store or store to earn money by selling your products or reselling any other products.

Paid Product Review or Sponsored Spot: It is possible to earn money by doing paid review of any product on your blog site and sponsoring explicit publication which is very popular in various blog sites. If you have a tech or technology blog site, there are more opportunities to earn money through sponsored spots and paid reviews.

Digital Products and Online Courses: You can also earn by selling digital products like e-books and online courses on your site.

But remember that for the above methods to be effective, you must have enough visitors or traffic to your blog site because making money through the above things will be possible only then.

I learned that it is possible to earn from a blog site in some ways. Now let's know whether it is possible to earn enough money by blogging from a Bengali website or blog site?

Yes, definitely possible.

But you must know that you will not get as many visitors on a Bengali blog site as on an English blog site and as a result the earning will be a little less.

Because you all know that English keywords are searched from all over the world. But people searching by typing Bangla keywords are less than using English keywords.

But that doesn't mean you can't earn from Bangla blog site. Of course you can and can earn quite a good amount of money.

Now many people are searching by typing Bangla keywords and the number of Bangla blog sites is also increasing. Which shows that the future of Bengali blogging is going to be good.

Also, Google AdSense's CPC and Click Per Ads are fairly good keyboards.

Finally, if you want to start blogging, I wish you all the best.

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