“Under The Stained Glass” Famous Poems About Friendship

Today I am going to share with you my writings, poems about friends. Hope you enjoy reading this:

Friends means - a fair of chirping and chirping,

Friends mean - playing with ourselves by being arrogant.

Friends mean - autumn clouds are just floating in the sky ,

Friend means - the hope of coming with white flowers.

A friend means - abandoning the accumulated pain in the river ,

Friend means to - imagination mix dream arrangement.

A friend means a cool bamboo shade in the hot sun. 

Friend means - just give and take.

A friend means a bucket full of water in a hot desert.

Friend means - to anchor the small canoe.

A friend means - a spark of light in the darkness of life ,

Friend means - to walk around the world .

Friends means - sitting together and reminiscing .

A friend means - don't be alone in all obstacles.

Friend means - the beauty of the moon in Shiva's entanglement,

A friend means a rainbow on a peacock's tail.

A friend means - a cloud filled with water falling into drops,

Friend means - the horse of Ashwamedha in the form of a winner.

Friend means - the morning sun is full of red blood,

Friends means - stars in the night sky.

Friend means - the taste of juice at the peak of happiness ,

Friend means death in the darkness of sorrow.

Friends, friends, friends - seek death brother,

Knowing a true friend is difficult - no hard stone.

Real friends are hard to find - so death is the search.

What do you know - finding friends is not difficult.

Make friends with that god - whoever you believe in.

The strength of the mind will add to you - just know this.

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