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Life is a chain of breath
don't name
Some people are alive and dead!!

Close your eyes and feel you 
Without doing, you will get more 
I have no choice.

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who did not understand your importance,
He is your words and feelings 
How to understand

Lost in these clouds 
Somewhere, heard my moon
Became someone else's.

I have made many mistakes in my life
But got punished where 
I was innocent.

When walking on your own feet.
So why trust others?

There must also be love in the heart,
Otherwise enemies also remember everyday.

in this world 
to drown you 
There are many people 
The ones you taught to swim. 

Come back when you have time.
I am still waiting for you.

I want someone permanent, 
Not temporary.

There is life, it will pass.
But your absence 
Always will be. 

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In this sea of ​​love 
I don't know how I read it. 
Swim  if you want 
could not

How beautiful is your love 
Feelings, I think you 
You are around me every moment!!


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